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Back Dimples, Why Do People Have Back Dimples, Female, Male, Venusian, Sacral Back Dimples

Does everyone have dimples on the lower back or above buttocks? Some people are really obsessed with back dimples and want to know what the meaning of dimples on back. Suppose dermal piercing is done to those lower back dimples on your back! What happens? Learn more on other names how to deepen them and how piercing is done including the pros and cons.

Why do people have back dimples? Meaning of dimples back

Back dimples have a historical and beautiful meaning. Perhaps this historical allusion depicts the reason why not everyone has them. What is your first impression of these dimples on lower back of guys like David Beckham or Michael Phelps?

First though, what are they? Dimples on your back are symmetrical indents “holes” located above posterior Superior Illiac Spine on lower back. In simpler terms, they are two identical with fairly definite shapes and size.

Even if you do not have dimples, find out whether any of your sibling or close relatives have them. This is to say that dimples in the back are genetic. An implication that if you do not bear genes responsible to get them, it is displeasing to inform that with any workout will not have an influence in your genetic makeup or appearance above buttocks.

However, an interesting bit from statistics indicate that some women have discovered that they have Venusian dimples on their lower back after they have gained more body weight. So it is healthy to see your health physician and check if you have a right BMI (body mass index).

Let us now turn to the beautiful meaning of dimples on back. According to a Roman mythology, there existed a “goddess whose functions encompassed love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity, victory, and desire,” [en.wikipedia.org] popularly known as Venus. She was indeed the mother of all Romans and was respected because they adapted her embodiment (love, prosperity, beauty) in religious festivals. These myths were also incorporated in works of art and literature. For this reason, human and art have become an essential part of esthetics and beauty. For instance, images of Venus have been found in mosaics and pictures made of stones, tiles or glass.

What are other love signs carried by back dimples? Definitely many people have heard of Venus sign found in the Zodiac. By the way, you can interpret love compatibility with your partner using various Venus signs for example Gemini Venus Sign, Aries Venus Sign, Taurus Venus Sign, Cancer Venus Sign, Leo Venus Sign, etc.            Now you are in the know, aren’t you?

Female back dimples pictures without piercings

Take a look at pictures that we have selectively picked from women with dimples without piercings. Are they attractive? One can say that woman’s back dimples is subjective since the way we see things is perceptional due to uniqueness in individuals and personality.

dimples of venus dimples meaning
dimples of venus dimples meaning


lower back dimples meaning
lower back dimples meaning


do you have your own meaning of venus of dimples
do you have your own meaning of venus of dimples

Back dimples male

Can males have back dimples? Both men and women have them. Although (males) back dimples on guys is taken to be rare since very few men or none is willing to show them by wearing low cut jeans.

do some men have Venusian back dimples
do some men have Venusian back dimples

How to get back dimples deeper or develop them – exercise

Can you get dimples on your back after successful workouts? For sure, the only reason why people get them is best described by ones nature not really by exercising. In other words, through body workouts these dimples on lower back are discovered.

Good news is that chances are that you can deepen dimples if they are equally spaced above bums. The following are some of the effective exercises to get back dimples deeper. We have not exhausted all of them!

workouts to deepen lower back dimples
workouts to deepen lower back dimples

CAUTION: Do not jump straight into any workouts if you have not been involved in losing weight i.e. for overweight individuals.

Superman exercise for back dimples

  • Lie down on your stomach on a flat surface with your arms straight in front.
  • Place your feet together relax.
  • Lift both your arms and legs with the support of your tummy. (try as much to ensure your belly is only touching the floor)
  • Hold for a few seconds.
  • Repeat the procedure and do 10 – 15 reps each day.

Opposite leg and arm raises

Go on your knees and then lift your left arm and right leg together as high as you can. Hold for few seconds and interchange then do the same with the left and right arm. Repeat until you feel the stretch in back muscles.

Opposite Superman

This workout is similar to superman only that you have to raise left arm and right leg simultaneously. When you are done do the same for the left leg and right arm.

Others include aerobic exercises, back yoga, back bridges, etc. you can consult your fitness specialist.

You will be gratefully satisfied to know that after you have successfully ended up with more defined lower back dimples.

If you want to get back dimples deepen fast get more experience from a professional gym trainer. In addition to that, you can also try a few workouts to firm abdominal muscles or exercises to refine and shape hips.

Back dimple piercing meaning, back dimple piercing procedure and costs

What are the specialties attached to back dimples and piercing? Well for some people particularly girls or ladies, this act is greatly taken as one subtle way to self-expression hence tends to get some kind of new meaning in feeling. How is the procedure like? Is it painful and what can one expect after going through it?

One of the methods for back dimple piercings is using a surgical punch. This equipment helps the piercer to twist into skin then removes a small piece of dermal skin. It causes less pain.

back dimples with piercing jewelry
back dimples with piercing jewelry


dark skin lower back pierced dimples
dark skin lower back pierced dimples

A second piercing method in your lower back dimples or Venusian dimples is normally done using clamps and a needle. The work of the clamp is to grasp skin so that while making the pierce an exact “pocket” is created. At the end of the day your piercing should have an L-shape so that the ball of your jewelry sits in there.

After getting dimple piercing, your surgeon or piercer must stop blood (bleeding) and clean the wounds. Furthermore, he or she should give you directions and other tips to take care of the piercing and promote faster healing. Remember to stick to all instructions you are given to avoid mayhem, pain and infection.

Now that you can’t wait for your sexier pierced back dimples (in bikini, low jeans, crop tops, gym pants, etc.), make sure that you have been shown a green light to use jewelry (rings). With proper care and cleaning you are expected to start using the jewelry ball in 1 months’ time to three months. However, if pain persists go back to your piercer for further consultation, checkup and treatment.

If getting back dimple piercing is something gorgeous that you have ever wished to have one gracious day, find a trusted piercer or seek genuine services first. Look at these admirable looks of women with dimples. Pierced back dimple cost lies between 35 to 75 US dollars in most trusted salons. The cost varies according to quality of health services in your country.

Back dimples pros and cons – is it worth the price?

Why do people have lower back dimples pierced? Some who consider to get dimple piercing is because they want these sexy feature be more attractive and get better attention. (Especially with additional body decorations like tattoos). Otherwise, you are encouraged to think carefully about it since it may come with unwelcoming consequences especially when people have back pains.

Even though you can minimize these drawbacks-to-be by going for a more constructive consultation first. This will enable you make cool decisions and keep your indentations looking natural ever.

Let us look at some pros and cons very briefly.


  • Piercing adds more beauty to the natural glamour,
  • Creates a special self-expression.


  • Pain during and after piercing,
  • Dermal piercing sometimes reject if aftercare is not well done or is ignored,
  • They often become hotspots of infections,
  • Occasionally it may become hard to clean back dimple piercing during the healing process,
  • If you are not keen with clothing threads and tugs can get stuck. This can also cause pain,

Venusian dimples, dimples of Venus or ‘butt dimples’

Sadly and unfortunately, if you do not have them you cannot get these beauty indents or dimples above buttocks or bums through workouts or exercises.

Sacral dimple in adults & dimple at base of spine baby

Venusian dimples should not be confused with a sacral dimple because they are also indentations or notches. In contrast to dimples above buttocks, bums or lower back, sacral dimples are usually located above the crease in between your buttocks and may be present at birth in babies. According to Mayo Clinic, sacral dimples are harmless but may require surgery if you have an abnormality in spine or if they cause pain. Sometimes people call them sacroiliac dimples or pilonidal dimples. Take a look at a pilonidal dimple picture below.

Surprisingly you may have Venusian dimples without you being aware of it because they are probably hidden within your back fat and love handles if you are a man. Some people end up discovering them after having cut down on body weight. How about that?

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