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The Best Very Dry Lips Remedies and Cures

Why do I have chronic dry lips? Dryness in lip can be caused by very dry air, cold weather, exposure to direct sunlight and ski conditions.

Lip dryness can be negatively influenced by the fact that the skin on lips is thinner and delicate. Without adequate protection, your lips are actually vulnerable to drying out effect.

Why you get lip dryness – Causes

What causes dry lips? Dryness can be symptomatic of a lip dermatitis, fungal infections or constant lip licking.

1. Exposure to cold winds

Dry lips with cracks
Dry lips with cracks

Do you ensure sufficient protection of your face during winter? Dryness is likely to occur because the lip skin is delicate and naturally exposed to the environmental conditions.

Cold hair is one of the reasons why your lips end up drying out because it easily takes away moisture from your lip skin.

2. Sunburn

Another cause of dryness on lips is sunburn. Sunburn more likely will occur after direct exposure to sun light for unusually longer duration.

Sunburn can lead to formation of cracks and patches or blisters.

Sunburn can cause lip dryness
Sunburn can cause lip dryness

3. Smoking

Smoking cigarettes is a trigger and cause of lip dryness. The chemical ingredients and the smoke will cause damage the delicate skin covering the lip surfaces.

Lip dryness due to smoking
Lip dryness due to smoking

4. Eczema on lip

Contact dermatitis can lead to lip dryness. Some types of eczema can cause dry patch on the lip surface. Sometimes, the patches can cause itching.

Eczema on lips can cause dryness
Eczema on lips can cause dryness

5. Lip liking

Lip licking is one of the culprits for chronic dry lips and mouth.

6.  Severe vitamin deficiencies

Dryness or dry skin is one of the indicator to tell you have certain vitamin deficiencies. These include crucial vitamins A, C and E.

While vitamin A is required by the body for skin repair and maintenance, vitamin C is crucial in tissue repair, collagen production and offer protection against UV radiation.

Vitamin E plays a vital role in proper function of our bodies. It also prevents fine lines and lip wrinkles by maintaining the skin texture.

6. Certain medications

Certain medicines will lead to dryness on the lips and mouth. If you are under medication and start experiencing the problem, please inform your doctor.

7. Exposure to harsh chemicals

Most of the harsh soaps and facial cleanser can be culprits.

8.  Other reasons for dryness on lips

Dryness on lips can also be a symptoms of certain human illness and conditions like dehydration, Kawasaki, pellagra, fungal infection and angular cheilitis.

Dry lips from angular cheilitis
Dry lips from angular cheilitis

Symptoms could vary in terms of location of the lip depending on what is the underlying cause. For instance, individuals affected could experience cracking in corner of lips. Sometimes there is redness, pain, dry patches, increased thirst and sleepiness. For instance, children who get an infection like Kawasaki show up the following symptoms/signs.

  • High fever (102.2 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Red eyes
  • Swollen red skin on the palms and soles
  • Skin rash
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Joint pain
  • Abdominal pain.

Dryness on lip with patch

Dryness on your lips sometimes may be accompanied with sore or dry patch. What does a patch on the dry lips mean?

Eczema and cold sores can lead to the problem on your lips. Exposure to environmental factors like strong wind or coldness can trigger the problem. Eczema and cold sore can make your lips become dry and look chapped.

Remedies and treatment for dry patch on lips

Below are remedies for a dry patch on the lips.

  • Apply pure natural oils such as Vaseline, coconut oil
  • If it is accompanied with itching your lip surface see a pharmacist for a good lip balm
  • Apply a little aloe Vera gel to cool down soreness
  • Place some cucumber if there is burning sensation

Very dry or chronic lip dryness solution

Do you have very dry lips? That is odd. Lip dryness is something intolerable but life is a heck if the symptoms are chronic and persist on. One of the best things to do for dry chronic lips is visit a dermatologist. He or she will diagnose the patches or carry out an examination.

After a careful evaluation, your doctor will prescribe medicines or give self-care advice to solve the problem that cause dry lips. You are therefore expected to follow every piece of advice to heal quickly.

If you have dry chapped lips you are at risk of angular cheilitis and soreness in lips.

Lip dryness Treatment

One of the best ways to cure lip dryness is to avoid the triggers that you suspect they are potential culprits. For instance you can stop using toothpastes for a while. How else can we treat dry lips?

One of the effective ways of dealing with the problem is to treat the underlying cause. For proper treatment of lip eczema, contact dermatitis and infections may require that you see a medic.

Some of the other causes are quite easy to treat with natural remedies. Here are some of natural treatment remedies.

Natural remedies and measures 

If you have treated the underlying condition or infection, natural remedies and measures can help you deal with the symptoms accompanied with dry lips.

1. Natural moisturizers

Natural products such as coconut oil are good remedies for dry lips if you have no issue concerning use of such products. This remedy will protect your lip skin from excessive loss of moisture through evaporation and strong winds.

Take a slice of cucumber, hold it to your lips for about five to 10 minutes, and let the cool, watery vegetable rehydrate your lips. Afterward, you can eat the cucumber.

3. Aloe Vera Gel

Applying an aloe Vera gel helps heal the cracks that occur with dry and chapped lips. Aloe is a soothing remedy, which can remove pain due to presence of small cracks. It is gentle on skin and you can use it a few times each day.

4. Use a neck scarf or lip cover

Since very dry air, blowing cold winds and cold temperatures can easily dry out your lips and mouth, using a cover material like a scarf can offer protection against the environmental culprits.

Best remedy or treatment

What is the best cure for dry lips? Unless the condition causing lip dryness is chronic, some of the best dry lip treatment or remedies for lip dryness comprise:

  • Treating the underlying cause or condition associated with lip dryness
  • Proper lip moisturizing
  • Staying hydrated
  • Keeping off the trigger factors such as extreme weather

How to cure or heal them

If you want to find the correct treatment to heal your dry lips quickly, try to understand the exact cause or trigger factors.

Lip balm for dryness

Soft and smooth lips are not only attractive but also give you an easy time whenever you are out there. While some lip products raise many controversial questions regarding to their cosmetic safety purposes, choosing the right lip balm for dry lips can be tricky.

Ingredient is a key factor but also you should know your manufacturer in and out.  If for instance you have dull-looking and tired lips, choose a lip balm with good natural moistening and nourishing ingredients. The lip balms should actually lock in sufficient moisture.

Lip care products for dry lips
Lip care products for dry lips

Avoid preservatives, chemically composed products if you are to find a solution for your drying-out lips. Some of the things to look out for include:

  • Cocoa butter, Shea butter and coconut oil
  • Sunscreen (SPF) for extra protection such as ChapStick Moisturizer SPF 15
  • Antioxidant lip products
  • Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Keep your super-hydrated

If your lips are not improving with any remedies, you could be facing a different problem such as dehydration. In fact, dehydration can lead to dry skin.

Being dehydrated can be temporary with a short-term illness. So, make sure you take enough water especially during a hot weather spell.

Find a perfect lip protection

Protection of your lips especially during the summer or cold weather or winter is crucial. If you are a lady and really love to see your lips remain soft and supple, always keep a cool moisturizer like pure Vaseline.

If you think that is less fashionable, use something like a scarf which you should wear around your neck. This will keep you warm and will guard against strong winds and direct sun heat.

Stay away from what causes lip dryness

Again, if you think that you are always a victim of the lip products that you admire most, avoid applying on your lips. Other conservative measures include:

  • Quit smoking
  • Get solution for chronic lip licking

What to use and what to avoid

Here are some of the tips to follow things or foods to avoid for a dry patch on the lip

  • Ensure you eat foods such as milk, apricots, and carrots, nuts, leafy vegetables, and eggs. Take fruits and green vegetables in abundance.
  • Avoid spicy foods:  eating citrus. If you experience pain on lips and they are dried out avoid taking citrus fruits
  • Like citrus, some spicy foods are acidic and the spice, in general, can irritate the lips.
  • Avoid skin exfoliants. Depending on the condition leading to lip dryness, exfoliating may not be a good idea. Some exfoliation ingredients can aggravate
  • Stop licking your lips. Constant lip licking causes loss of moisture as the saliva evaporates, salivary enzymes will dry out your entire lips including the skin around mouth
  • If you are under medication, talk to your doctor if you start having problems with your skin

If you still experience chronic symptoms, the ultimate solution for dry lips is to see a nutritionist or a specialist in cosmetics. Keep in mind that if you do not take right measures against dryness the condition of your lips may worsen or become chronic.

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