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Sweaty Palms Causes, How to Cure, Get Rid & Surgery to Stop Excessive Palm Sweating

What does sweaty palms mean or what causes sweaty hands when you have no health problems? Excessive sweaty hands or palms is worrying most and can be a humiliating when you have it at any age. How can I cure sweaty palms or get rid of sweating palms? Sweaty hands cure without having a grasp of sweaty palms causes could be tricky and challenging.

Sweaty palms causes, how to cure or get rid of excessive palm sweating
Sweaty palms causes, how to cure or get rid of excessive palm sweating

What Causes Sweaty Palms and Excessive Palm Sweating?

What causes palm sweating problems and tendency to diverge from normal hand sweating? Experiencing sweating palms at night for instance, could be an indicator of a certain infection, condition or abnormality as opposed to perspiration after vigorous physical exercises. However, sweaty palms or excessive palm sweating under normal conditions is not necessary.

Primary Hyperhidrosis, PHH

Primary hyperhidrosis is amongst the major causes sweaty hands especially excessive palm sweating or (palmar hyperhidrosis.) PHH is caused by overreacting activity of nerves which stimulate sweat glands. Now, according to Web MD, people with this condition sweat from a certain type of sweat glands called eccrine sweat glands found in large numbers including the face, armpit and palms.

Hyperthyroidism or Overactive Thyroid

This is condition in which the thyroid gland releases too much thyroid hormone. How does hyperthyroidism cause or bring about hand sweating problems? When energy is released by body cells water is produced as a by-product. Higher thyroid hormone levels in blood means that your body cells cannot regulate the way energy is used up optimally thus need to get rid of more energy through increased sweating.

If you are interested in treatments, begin with tackling the causes of hyperthyroidism. And here is part of treatment.

  • Anti-thyroid medicines – methimazole, propylthiouracil
  • If the symptoms grow without persistence use prescribed meta-blocker medicines or
  • Removal of thyroid gland by surgery or radioactive.

Disorders and other Conditions

According to WebMD, anxiety or anxiety disorders – panic, phobia – are some of the factors that interferes with a person’s normal way of life.  Some disorders root from childhood, while others may be caused by brain illness.

Hormonal Imbalance

Does hormonal shifts result in sweaty hands? Such imbalances are expected during pregnancy when Oestrogen and progesterone hormone that controls pregnancy tend to change in terms of concentration. Any alteration in hormone may result in anxiety, change in emotions or feelings which dictate how the body may react in such situations one of it being sweat from hands and palms.

More pregnant women than men find it less comfortable and more bothering to have sweating problems at night.

Anxiety disorders

Unlike anxiety, anxiety disorder is considered to be a mental illness. Without narrowing down to specific symptoms, be hard to tell the extent to which the disorders may arouse increased sweat gland activity. Some anxiety disorders may cause excessive hand sweating. Sweaty hand symptoms tend to vary but webmd.com lists some of the following generally observable symptoms:

  • Cold, sweaty hands and feet,
  • Numbness or tingling in hands or feet
  • Increased heart palpitations, intensity heart beats, skipped beats or fluttering,
  • Loss of full self-control,
  • Shortness of breath,

Sweaty Palms Cure and Treatments to Get Rid of Sweaty Palms or Hands that sweat excessively

What do you need to do before treatment for sweaty hands? The best thing you ought to do is to see your doctor once you notice the problem. Your doctor can treat what causes your hands to sweat, recommend sweaty hands treatments or prescribe some medical drugs for you. Moreover, there are some important tips, what you expect after sweaty palms cure besides helping you get rid of sweaty hands.

Get Antiperspirants

One of the common ways to deal with sweaty palms is use of antiperspirants. They work in a manner that when they get into the skin they form plugs within the sweat gland opening so that little or no perspiration occurs i.e. sweat moving to the skin surface.

If you have mild sweating hands, most Aluminum salt antiperspirants available over the counter are ideal in treating sweaty hands. This is because they are more effective with very little irritation if any occurs.

Now, for those who sweat too much you may be required to go for prescription antiperspirant or clinical-strength antiperspirants. For example spray, Drysol which has a concentration of about 30% Aluminum chloride to stop excessive palm sweating. If it causes much irritation on your skin, consider other options.


The second way to get rid of sweaty palms is going for this procedure. Its simplicity and effectiveness relies on the principle of ions. What happens is that a mild electric current is passed through water in which the sweaty palms or feet are soaked. It is highly recommended to seek professional manicure.  After a good consistent treatment running for a few weeks, individuals can buy their own Iontophoresis devices and learn to use them at home.

Electro Antiperspirants

In recent developments in technology, this automated device has provided a more reliable solution for excessive sweaty hands, feet, forehead, buttocks and the chest. Some of the features include additional adapters. Furthermore, it is clinically proven and very efficient where it you can start to get wanted results in two to three weeks. How, it is a bit costly where a cheaper one goes for 500 Euros.

Can you use the device even if you have a sensitive skin? Don’t worry because another similar device known as Electro Antiperspirant Sensitive is available, specially designed for women. In fact, it has longer lasting effects. Alternatively, you may get the full kit sweaty feet and palms. Remember that learning to use the equipment is necessary.

Other Treatments – Surgery, Oral Medications

Before you decide to opt for certain treatments go for consultation to get highlights over the possible effects and help reach a firm decision.


You can also control palmar hyperhidrosis by getting an oral treatment. Your healthcare provider may prescribe drugs for you to use for a specified period. They include pills and medications to stop your hands from sweating in a manner not considered as normal.

Before you can begin oral medication for sweating palms, you need to discuss with your practitioner the possible outcomes or what you may expect when undergoing it. For example anticholinergic drugs Robinul, Probanthine and Ditropan are prescription drugs to deal with too much sweating of hands. Unfortunately, they have side effects: causing dryness to the mouth or slight irritation.

Another drug-based medication to treat sweaty hands include anti-depressants. They are suitable for the individuals who suffer palmar hyperhidrosis as a result of anxiety because they cause nerve relaxation. Additionally, depressants could curb deadly depression which may result from chronic stress.

Sweaty Palms Surgery

Surgery is another palmar hyperhidrosis treatment especially when you do not show any responsive feedback to other treatments. In this surgical treatment for palmar hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, the surgeon may cut, do a scrape or apply a suction to remove sweat glands. This is a professional procedure so be careful on either a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who carries it out on you.

Other sweaty palms surgery carried out are Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathectomy. Is ETS effective sweaty hands treatment? Yes. Once the sympathetic nerves are identified they are usually cut, burnt or clamped. Only that it is an irreversible process and that it may lead to certain complications and side effects:

  • Compensatory sweating results in increased sweating from a different body part to cater for loss of sweat cut down. It could be on face, under arms, the bac or the buttocks.
  • A smaller percentage of patients may undergo lung tube-air-leak but it can be removed.

Any Sympathectomy surgical treatment should be a last resolution whatsoever your sweating problems may seem to be.

How to Regulate Hand Sweat and how to Stop Sweaty Hands

Can you stop your hands from sweating? Of course it is possible to prevent or avoid sweaty hands however, it is not totally permanent because your back of hands need to remove excess water, salt and other toxins through sweating. Some of the following remedy procedures will be very important in controlling and regulating excessive sweaty palms.

What you do or avoid

First, if you want to prevent excessive sweating in your hands it is advisable to avoid hand lotions that with petroleum oil unless you have chronic dry hands. Petroleum jelly products such as Vaseline, coconut oil hold back the sweat which otherwise should evaporate and dry out.

The next thing is to keep your hands free of hand-covering items such as gloves and mittens. Otherwise, if you are not outdoors to hide hand sweating, these gloves cause your hands to sweat more and become greasy.

Consider a Botox injection

Another considerable means to control sweating hands is to get a Botox injection. Research has shown that botulin has ability to block nerves (sympathetic nerves) can serve as a temporary hands sweating solution. Even though, the procedure may be accompanied by pain.

Alter Lifestyle and Certain Foods

Certain foods and drinks can alleviate sweating on hands, face or even the underarms. Avoid garlic, use of hot pepper, too much or hot coffee and alcohol. What they do is to trigger more sweat glands to produce more sweat. This could have a larger negative bearing or effect on mild palmar hyperhidrosis.

Home Remedies for Sweaty Palms – Get rid or Reduce hand sweating naturally

As mentioned in the introduction, some treatment methods are aimed at achieving reduced sweating while carrying out daily chores or back at home.

Baby Powder

One of the home remedies you should try is to get some baby powder and sprinkle it all over your sweaty hands. You may find it necessary because powder can reduce the mild sweaty hands by absorbing it.

Talcum Powder

As we saw earlier hand lotions and jelly may not work remedy for sweaty palms and that is why powder products are more inviting. Talcum powder is yet another useful kind of baby lotion to get rid of sweaty palms in children and reduce sweating hands for you as well. Make sure to utilize it well by applying daily.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another remedy for excessive palm sweating is this vinegar solution. It is really simple and can work to better your situation if you constantly make it a daily and nightly routine. What you need to do is mix a glass of apple cider vinegar with five glasses of water in a trough. Soak your hands in the solution for about 25 or so minutes. You may wash your hands afterwards.

Apple cider vinegar can therefore act as a natural drying reagent.

Sage Tea Soak or Milk Thistle Tea

Apart from vinegar, another natural remedy to treat or get rid of sweaty hands is sage tea. It is great in detoxifying i.e. removing toxins that could otherwise be triggering the sweat glands to release more sweat.

Sweaty Palms during Pregnancy

Is hand sweating a sign of pregnancy? Sweaty hands during pregnancy or menopause is rare. However, if it happens most women experience it during the night or when asleep. There are other conditions that help in explaining this occurrence whether you are pregnant or not:

  1. Hormonal imbalance caused by drop in estrogen,
  2. Certain medicine overdose, hypertensive drugs.
  3. Infections, local infections – TB,
  4. Secondary hyperhidrosis,
  5. Increased metabolic rates and blood flow rates,

What Causes Excessive Palm Sweating or Excessive Hand Sweating?

Just as in the case of sweaty palms, excessive sweating in human body is widely due to hyperhidrosis besides the other triggering factors that really contribute to excessive hand sweating.

From this discussion, your number one reason for excessive sweating palms would be hyperhidrosis i.e. palmar hyperhidrosis. Besides, other major contributing factors are stress, high emotional changes and anxiety disorders. Remember that anxiety disorders lack medical cure but may be analyzed using psychoanalysis approaches.

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