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How to Dye Eyebrows, Best Eyebrow Eye Kits for Lightening and Darkening Brows

Should I dye my eyebrows or not? Which brow dye color would flatter my hair color most? Can I dye my eyebrows myself or should I go to a professional? Learn how to dye your eyebrows, the flattering eyebrow dye colors to use, some of the best eyebrow dye kits, brands, and reasons why you should never use hair dye on eyebrows.

Having well-defined lush eyebrows with a color that complements your skin tone and hair color will make you look stunningly beautiful. However, there those who have naturally thinner and not easily visible brow hairs especially on the edges where there are baby hairs? In addition, think of those whose brow hairs have begun turning gray, what should they do?

Use of eyebrow dye
Eyebrow dyeing

Of course, eyebrow pencils, gels, waxes and powders can be helpful. However, they can be time consuming and tiring. Some women opt for eyebrow tattoos, which are good, but you have to choose one color. What if one considers dyeing his or her hair your hair to a different color?

Instead of all these struggles, there are many beauty experts and celebrity makeup artists advising people to try eyebrow dyes and tints. These safe natural or artificial products for coloring eyebrow hair will last for 4 to 8 weeks as they fade slowly.

Can you dye your eyebrows and benefits eyebrow dyeing

Yes, you can dye eyebrows. However, it must be done with much care, preferably by a beauty professional. Again, whether or not you should dye your eyebrows depends on the looks you want to achieve, your and hair color. Some of the benefits of dyeing your eyebrows include the following:

  • It will help define your face
  • It makes your eyebrows to appear thicker
  • It helps hide any grey eyebrows you might be having
  • It helps complement hair color for those who have recently done a radical hair color change
  • Reduces the daily hustle of applying eyebrow makeup since it can lighten, color or darken eyebrows permanently for several weeks.

Dyeing eyebrows with hair dye – Don’t use hair dye on eyebrows

Can you dye your eyebrows with hair dye? If you have fallen into temptations of using your hair dye on your scalp, we would wish to advise you not to. Coloring eyebrows with hair dye is a no go zone.

According to leaf.tv, “your vision is important, and hair dyes, designed specifically for use on the scalp, can be dangerous when it comes to use around the eye area.” Furthermore, the peroxides used in hair dyes are very strong and only suited for your scalp.

You stand the risk of developing rashes, blisters, skin under eyebrows becoming red, burning sensation on your brows, eyebrow hair loss, and allergic reaction. In worst scenarios, blindness can strike you.

Therefore, the question of using hair dye on eyebrows is out of discussion. You should not dye eyebrows with hair dye! We are not either going to give you a tutorial on how to dye your eyebrows with hair dye because we understand the inherent risks.

There are no best hair dye for eyebrows since these products are not meant for your delicate and sensitive eyebrow area. Instead of dye eyebrows with hair coloring products, you can consider going for eyebrow dyeing products and tints, which are not the same as the use of dye eyebrows with hair dye.

Eyebrow lightening and Eyebrow darkening – choosing a flattering eyebrow color

If you have made up your mind to dye your eyebrows, you need to know how to choose a color that will complement your hair color. The general rule for eyebrow and eyelash dye is going one to two shades lighter (dyeing eyebrows lighter) if you have dark hairs and one to two shades darker (dye eyebrows darker) if you have light hair. Avoid matching your hair and eyebrows exactly since that does not naturally happen.

4. For blondes

According to Vogue, “adding that darker brows will act as a frame for the face and enhance your eye color.” Therefore, for natural blonde-haired people with fair hair, should consider dyeing eyebrows darker eyebrows especially if their eyebrows are hardly noticeable.

On the other hand, going for a golden blonde eyebrow dye color will make you flattery if your eyebrows are too dark compared to your blonde hair.

Some blonde-haired people may consider going for bleached eyebrows just because they have gone platinum with their hair. This is not a good idea since you may be trying to fool people your brows are naturally platinum. We will look at some eyebrow dye kits for blondes later.

2. Eyebrow dye for redheads

Redheads hardly have red eyebrows. So, when you color your hair red, avoid dyeing your brows to match your hair. The Cool redheads will look good in dark brown eyebrows rich in color. However, if your hair appears more towards pumpkin hue rather than burgundy hue, go for try small copper hints.

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Elaina Badro who has worked with celebrities like Christina Milian and Carrie Underwood often says, “eyelash and eyebrow tinting are great for redheads! I always recommend a medium brown”

3. Black haired people

People with raven hair should match the black with black to look most alluring. Avoid reddish brown. Going for grey will be great for African American women and Asian women. If you have dark eyebrows and you rather would want to dye your hair, the correct hair color dye will be black, a shade darker than your brow color.

4. Brunettes

If you are a brunette, you need brow darkening unless your brows are already dark.  Lauren E. Hack, hairstylist and co-owner of LAUREN+VANESSA Salon in New York City seems to concur with the idea saying, “for brunettes, darkening your brows a shade or two is ideal.”

Light brown haired girls should go for a rich neutral brown while dark brown or chestnut haired women can go for a good espresso shade.

From this discussion, you should be able to tell when to dye eyebrows lighter and when to opt for eyebrow darkening dyes.

How to dye eyebrows or how to dye your eyebrows at home yourself

Remember we said you should not dye eyebrows with hair dye and you should go to a professional beauty expert to help you dye your brows. However, for those who insist on dyeing their eyebrows from home, here how to dye your eyebrows at home.

1. Prepare your brows

Begin by cleaning your eyebrows until they are makeup free. Once they are dry, brush them in the direction of growth using your spoolie or your eyebrow brush. Applying Vaseline on areas around your eyebrows will ensure your skin is not stained with your brow tinting dye.

2. Prepare your brow dye

Different brow dye will come with different preparation procedure. You will be provided with mixing ratios and instruction. For instance, for the case of f Godefroy’s Instant Eyebrow Tint Permanent Colour Kit, the color comes in powder capsule which you should mix an equal amount with develop. Afterwards, you should mix until you get a creamy paste.

3. Apply your brow dye

Using your spoolie or provided applicator, begin applying or dabbing the dye from your inner brows outwards to the outer ends of your eyebrows. Ensure every brow hair has been saturated with your brow dye.

How to dye eyebrows at home
How to dye eyebrows at home

4. Give some processing time

Once you done applying nicely, wait for the required time. All eyebrow dye kits come with the expected waiting time.

5. Remove excess color

Once the processing time has elapsed, using a wet paper towel or cotton pad, gently but thoroughly wipe the color off. Ensure all color that has not processed has come off since it will continue developing and you may have unevenness. A little pressure and back and forth gently rubbing may be required to remove excess color.

6. Repeat for the other brow

Following exactly the same step, dye your other brow. This is all you to do while dyeing eyebrows at home. A simple but best way to dye eyebrows by yourself at home.

7. Tips for dyeing your eyebrows at home

To ensure your areas around the eye are not messy, any color that goes to your skin can be wiped with a wet cotton ball or swab.

According to www.byrdie.co.uk, if your brows are “Too dark? Give it another scrub with cleanser and follow up with toner. Still too dark? As I mentioned before, the tint will fade”. This is how what to do when eyebrow dye too dark.

It is our hope you know how to do eyebrows at home by yourself. We still insist on you letting the professional handle eyebrow dyeing for you!

How to dye grey eyebrows

If you have grey eyebrows, which you happen not to like, you can still either cover the grey with temporary makeup such as eyebrow mascara, pencils or powder or try dyeing and tinting them too.

A few strands of gray eyebrows can be plucked or tweezed. If you have many gray hairs on your brows, then you should consider dyeing them. According you beautyglimpse.com, “you can prepare your own vegetable dye or avail a good one from the market to hide those annoying white hairs in your eyebrow”

Remember when looking to dyeing gray eyebrows, mention to your vendors to get a good eyebrow colour for grey hair that will completely hide all the grey hairs.

Eyebrow dye before and after

To get an impression of how you may look like after you have dyed your brows, below are a few before and after photos.

Eyebrow lightening before and after
Eyebrow lightening before and after

Best eyebrow dye brands

If you are looking for some for some of the best eyebrow dyes, we are going to give you a few. You will be required to do your own research and look at some of the best eyebrow dye reviews to decide what works for you. Do not forget considering the colors available for that specific brand.

  • Godefroy’s Instant Eyebrow Tint Permanent Eyebrow (Godefroy’s eyebrow dye)
  • Intensive Lash Tint and Brow Tinting
  • Refectocil Sensitive Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint Black
  • Strictly Professional Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint Brown
  • Eylure Permanent Brow Tint Dark Brown
  • Julienne Eyelash Eyebrow Tint Tinting Kit Dye Dark Brown Tint Brush Dish Oxidant

Vegetable dye for eyebrows or natural eyebrow dyes

If you are looking for a good natural eyebrow dye, consider going for vegetable dye eyebrow tints and dyes. Vegetable-based eyebrow dye are obtained from plants, fungi and lichen.  Being natural, they are considered safe eyebrow dyes with minimal changes of any serious allergic reactions.

Going for fully organic eyebrow dye is even a good idea since these are made from organically certified ingredients and it will help you dye eyebrows naturally without fearing the harsh effect of synthetic dyes. With good natural eyebrow dye recipe, you can make some on your own at home.

Dyeing eyebrows with Henna

A good example of a natural dye is henna. We will not give you a guide on how to dye eyebrows with henna. You can actually make eyebrow henna dye at home or purchase kits such Eyebrow Henna Tinting Kit from Amazon.com. This kit will act natural eyebrow darkener or lightener depending on the color you go for.

Blonde eyebrow dye

If you decided to go completely blonde with your hair color, you may also consider dyeing them a color close to blonde. Best eyebrow dye for blondes you can go for include Tintocil Blonde Cream Dye Brow Tint and Refectocil Blonde Brown Bleaching paste for Eyebrows.

However, be careful while seeking to get blonde eyelashes and eyebrows not to match them exactly like your hair. Furthermore, ensure they remain visible.

Black eyebrow dye

If you want to make your eyebrows darker, black is one of the best colors to go for. However, as dye eyebrows black, ensure your hair will be one or two shades dark than your eyebrows. Some of the good brands of black brow tints include:

  • Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint Permanent Eyebrow Color Kit, Jet Black
  • Refectocil Sensitive Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint Black
  • EYLURE DYBROW – Eyebrow Dye Kit – BLACK

Brown, Dark and Light brown eyebrow dye

If you are looking for brown eyebrow dye especially light brown and dark brown, some of the good brands to go for include the following

  • Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint Permanent Eyebrow Color Kit – Dark Brown
  • Eylure Dylash – Eyebrow Dye Kit 45 Day – Dark Brown:
  • Julienne Eyelash Eyebrow Tint Tinting Kit Dye Dark Brown Tint Brush
  • 1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit Dark Brown
  • Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint Permanent Eyebrow medium brown
  • Refectocil Light Brown Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint
  • Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint Permanent Eyebrow Color Kit Light brown

Again in deciding whether you need to dye your eyebrows light brown or dark brown, consider how your hair looks like.

Red eyebrow dye

Unless you doing it for a specific reason, do not dye eyebrows red even if you are a redhead since even red heads to not have red eyebrows. Instead, you can try browns and other colors.

Eyebrow dye for men

Eyebrow tinting gone wrong - Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk
Eyebrow tinting gone wrong – Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Any man with too dark or too light compared to their hair color can go for eyebrow dyeing. Men’s eyebrow dyeing is more or less similar to that of women. There are no men’s eyebrow dye designed just for men alone.

Eyebrow dye allergic reaction

There have been causes of allergic reaction to eyebrow dye but not many. Conducting a small patch test on your skin can help you know if you are allergic or not allergic.

Eyebrow dyeing salons

Where can I dye my eyebrows? Are there salons that dye eyebrows? Yes, there are professional salons across every city. In case you need professional eyebrow dyeing near you, use search engines to get locations near you.

To get a location, use search engines to eyebrow dyeing near you or search for eyebrow dyeing salons + your location, for instance ‘eyebrow dyeing salon Boston or Queens NY’

Best eyebrow dye kit

We have looked at the basic steps for dyeing eyebrows at home and the colors will complement your hair color. We said you need an eyebrow dye kit and you can get them at Walgreens, Target, CVS, Amazon.com, eBay, Superdrug.com, watsons.com.sg (based in Singapore), among others.

The eyebrow kits come in different colors. Ensure you select a color that suits you. Also read eyebrow dye kit reviews, see who customers are rating it and even before and after photos to help you see how you will look like.

Permanent eyebrow dye vs Temporary eyebrow dye

Permanent dye for eyebrows are brands, which last long and oxidize hair strands while temporary or semi-permanent eyebrow dye will last anything from shorter time. Semi-permanent and temporary dyes cause less damage on your eyebrows compared to permanent dye for eyebrows.

Where to buy eyebrow dye – Boots, CVS, Walmart, ULTA, Walgreen

There are many places to get eyebrow dyes and eyebrow dyeing kits. Try places such as amazon.com, Sephora, Sally’s, CVS, Target, Walgreen, Walmart, ULTA, ASDA (in UK), eBay, priceline.com, boots, dischem.com (South Africa), makeupalley.com, Shoppers, among other stores. More places you can get eyebrow dyes and tints include drugstore, Superdrug, Refectocil.com in Australia, farmers.co.nz in New Zealand,

Another place where to get eyebrow dye is in your local beauty shops and drugstores. I guess irrespective of whether you are in Philippines, Canada or UK you can really miss a place to buy a good quality eyebrow dye.

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