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Best Liquid Eyeliner Choosing, Smudge Proof, Long Lasting, Easy to Apply, Maybelline, Stila Liquid Liners

Find useful tips on how to get the best liquid eyeliner as well as some of the best liquid eyeliners.

Before doing the research for this piece, I was just as terrified of using eyeliner in liquid for as some of you. Remember how you purchased that one tube, made a mess of the first application, shelved it and went back to using a pencil liner while wistfully looking at perfect liquid liner results on Pinterest? Yeah, me too.

Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid liner
Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid liner

Today we are in a much better place, no longer freaked out by the sight of that felt tip or brush applicator. You can even say, I have somewhat mastered how to apply liquid liner. Finding the right information to guide me helped a lot. But I finding the right liquid liner was everything!  What is the best liquid liner? You wonder. Where can I find it? You want to know.

I hope this article helps guide you.

How to Pick the Best Liquid Eyeliner

Even the best application tips will be of no use if you have a poor quality product. The wrong product will rob you off the beautiful clean result that you deserve. Quality eyeliner on the other hand will give you that perfect result, that enhanced eye you crave.

Liquid liner is as the word announces, liquid and comes with an applicator brush or tool usually made of felt at the tip. It is meant to go over your eyelid towards the edge of it to create a line over the lashes. It is an alternative to pencil eyeliner. Often the two are pitted against each other in liquid eyeliner vs pencil liner mini contests. When all is said and done though, it seems to be a matter of what look you are going for.

Yes they are both eyeliners but each will give you a different result.

Eyeliners also come in gel form. Gel liner is not to be confused with liquid liner though. The gel is of a much heavier consistency than the liquid.

You may need a little practice to comfortably apply liquid liner though, but it is not rocket science as tutorials like this one  prove.

Black liquid liner is the most popular probably because it will work for a lot of looks, from every day to night on the town, but there are really a whole lot of hues represented. You may have come across metallic or shimmery eyeliner. Gold or glitter eyeliner is actually having a moment right now. People going for a bold eye may use coloured liquid liner to set off their eyes. Navy blue liquid liner, brown, red, even purple are but a few of the colors that are gaining a following. What colour you go for is a matter of preference and the look you are going for. Some colors will give you a more dramatic outcome than others.

Shades and hues aside and brands aside, there are some properties all quality liquid liners should have.

What to Look For in a Good Liquid Eyeliner

Use this check list you need to get down pat before going out to buy that eyeliner pen.

Able to give a thin defined line

Liquid liner is loved for its clean sharp line, if applied properly. Some eyeliner pens are known to layer on pretty heavy though even with little to no layering. Stay away from those eyeliners. Even if you cannot get reviews, some very specific catch words on the product could help. Words like, slim, thin, precise.

Smudge proof

Self-explanatory. But I will try explaining it a little bit nonetheless. The reason you opt for eyeliner in liquid form over a pencil is because you want a sharp result. A liner than smudges or runs beats the purpose.


The best liquid liners are waterproof or at least water resistant. This will play a huge role in it being smudge proof too.

Long lasting

You do not want to keep touching up your eyeliner throughout the day. Besides if you take time to put together that smoky or cat eye, you want to hold onto the look throughout the day. The liquid liners ability to stay is a priority.

Easy to apply

You are looking for a liner that glides on easily onto your skin, easy to use to use applicator tool, and hopefully easy to remove at the end of the day. It may come off as a tall order, requiring the liner to stay put and then come off when you decide you want it off, but trust us, it is achievable. There are some really quality products out here. Make sure they are the only ones you pay for.

Here is an eyeliner choosing tip from fashionspot, “Our favorite tip when choosing eyeliner is to draw a line on the back of your hand to see if it goes on smoothly, without feathering. By doing this, it will be a good indicator of how the product will apply to your eyes.”

Quick drying

“Dries quickly after application, but is easy to take off right away if you make a mistake,” is how reviews.com puts it.

The best Liquid eyeliner

The market is chockfull with eyeliners. Here are some highly rated liquid liners.

Stila Liquid Eyeliner

Stila liquid liner or  stay all day waterproof  liquid eyeliner as it says on the label is arguably one of the eyeliners that are totally worth the hype. GoodHousekeeping ranks it as one of the seven best waterproof eyeliner a girl can get on the market. “It didn’t smudge when wet and testers give it high marks for defining their eyes and lasting all day. They also raved about the felt tip pen like indicator, saying it was sharp and gave great definition especially for the bottom lash line,” says the review.

We are not about to argue with such strong pros, this is a great liquid liner.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Merc’er

This liquid eyeliner pen was rated the best liquid liner 2015 by in style so we are sure it has a lot going for it. Here is the rest of the list of some of the best eyeliner ever.

Make Up Forever Graphic Line Pen

The write up on this liner on fashionspot reads “This pen boasts a super-fine tip for professional results, whether you’re a beginner or pro. The user-friendly pen’s tip makes it easy to control for desired effect,”. We definitely want that in our liquid liner and you should too.

Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner

This is rated as one of the best drugstore eyeliners according to totalbeauty. You can drop by their site for more top rated eyeliners.

You may find other liquid liners that may very work very well for you. Others like Lancôme may not be topping any lists but are quite popular and good reviews. The important thing is that it has the qualities we listed up above and leaves you a satisfied customer.

Even when a product is hyped, please do the wise thing and comb Sephora, Ulta, amazon, basically anywhere you can get reviews from users before forking out your hard earned cash.

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