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How to Wear Purple Eyeliner for Brown Eyes, Green, Blue Eyes Liquid or Gel

Are you looking for some of the best purple eyeliners including liquid, gel, pencils or pen? Would you like to learn how to wear purple eyeliner or would you like to whether this eyeliner color is suitable for blue, brown, hazel or green eyes or not? We’ve got all that including the best purple eye liner brands as well as ways to get best purple eyeliner look just like the catwalk shows you always watch!

A great way to move away from the common black, grey and brown eyeliners is to try purple colored eyeliners. It adds a little vibrancy and color without going to the extreme.

Purple Eyeliner
Purple Eyeliner

Of course, just like any other eyeliners, purple eyeliners come in different forms including liquid, pencil, pen and gel and in slightly different shades that vary from dark purple to deep purple (plum) to light purple to bright purple eyeliner giving either a matte finish or a shimmery one.  The choice is all yours.

Before we look at how to wear purple eyeliner and which eye colors does purple eyeliner compliment best, let us look at some of the best liquid, gel, pencil (pen) as well as shimmery purple eyeliners.

Best purple eyeliner

On the best purple colored eyeliners, there are so many brands, several shades or types from almost every eyeliner manufacturer. Therefore, any attempt to give a list is not all inclusive. However, some of the popular purple eyeliner brands include the following.

  • MAC Cosmetics Pearl glide intense eyeliner – Designer Purple (shimmery or glittery)
  • Almay Intense i-Color Eyeliner, Purple Amethyst
  • NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil, Deep Purple
  • NYX Cosmetics Studio Liquid Liner Extreme Purple
  • Barry M Bold Waterproof Eyeliner Purple pencil
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Liner, Purple,
  • L’oreal Paris Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner, 240 Pure Purple
  • A. Girl Gel Glide Eyeliner Pencil 366 Purple
  • stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner, Purple Tang
  • l.f. Eyeliner and Shadow Stick, Plum Purple
  • Bare Minerals Big & Bright Eyeliner Plum – Purple
  • Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner Purple Passion
  • Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner, Perfect Purple
  • Blinc blinc eyeliner – dark purple
  • MAC Rich Purple Chromagraphic Pencil  – dark toned purple

If you looking for any of the above brands of purple eyeliner, ensure you check on your local beauty shop or on the leading online stores including drugstore.com, boots.com, and amazon.com, target.com, Walgreens, Walmat, eBay.com, or respective manufacturers websites.

Furthermore, we will not go into details on each of the above brands of purple gel eyeliners. We will expect you to see color swatches, read reviews and user rating. You do not want to end up with a dark purple liner when you wanted a bright or light purple.

Purple liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliners will provide smooth application, a bolder color, less smudging (especially if waterproof), less clumping and they are easier to clean up for the same reason of not smudging. If you are looking for some of the best liquid purple eyeliners, you need to try the following brands:

  • Milani “Liquid Eye” Liquid-Like Eye Liner Pencil – #07 Purple
  • blinc Liquid Eyeliner, Purple
  • Almay Intense i-Color Eyeliner, Purple Amethyst
  • NYX Studio Liquid Liner, Extreme Purple
  • l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner PLUM PURPLE Eye Liner Makeup Liquid Waterproof ELF
  • MILANI LIQUID EYE Metallic Eyeliner Pencil – Perfect Purple

Again, the list is not conclusive. Many other brands of liquid purple eyeliners we have not listed exist. If you have an extra ordinary brand, you would us to know, kindly list it on the comment section.

Purple gel eyeliner

Picking on purple gel eyeliner is a great way of achieving vibrant or bold looks compared to a pencil one due to its easy to apply creamy formula. You need to be careful while applying it with your eyeliner brush not to apply it on your entire eyelid.  Since there are different shades, go for what will complement your skin tone and eye color best.  Some of the best gel purple colored eyeliner to give a try include:

  • Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, Limited Edition, Purple Velvet Cailyn Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner, Purple
  • Essence sparkling purple gel eyeliner
  • Starry Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner Gel with Brush Violet Purple
  • Rimmel London Scandaleyes 24H Waterproof Gel Eyeliner With Brush – 003 Purple
  • l.f. Cream Eyeliner, Punk Purple
  • Bobbi Brown Violet Ink Long-Wear Gel Liner

There are tons of purple colored eyeliners gel waiting for your ranging from bright to darker shades.  Read reviews, see user rating and see color swatches to determine the exact purple shade you require.

Purple eyeliner brown eyes

Is going for purple eyeliner for brown eyes a good idea? What if you have a brown eyes and a fair skin? Can it still look stunning for people who have dark brown eyes?  If any of these questions are your worry too, you deserve to know that purple colored eyeliner is ideal for people who have brown eyes including those with dark brown eyes.

Brown being a neutral color, it will be accentuated by a number of eyeliner including purple, plum, black, gray, bronze, green, navy blue, deep navy blue, as well as blue eyeliners.  In fact, according to udemy.com, “one of the best looking colors that work best with brown eyes is purple.”

However, it will be a good idea to avoid cool purple shades if your skin has yellow tones as well as mauves and light pink eyeliners.

On how to wear purple eyeliner for brown eyes, it will all depend on the looks you want to achieve. Day time use might need subtler application while a little adding drama or shimmer for a night even will be perfect.  Just get a good tutorial (purple eyeliner tutorial) online to guide you on how to achieve the looks you want.

Finally, on brown eyes and far skin or darker skin issue, people with fair skin can opt for lighter shades of purple including bright purple eyeliner one while those with darker skin complexion will look better in dark purple liners. If you are fair skinned, be very careful if you want to use a dark purple liner since it could look a bit harsh.

Purple eyeliner blue yes

Purple is a good eyeliner color  for blue eyes since opposite complement each other i.e. blue eyed girls can opt for not only purple eyeliner but also other richer colors including lavender, turquoise, pink, gold, blue and copper eyeliners.

Purple eyeliner green eyes

Purple eyeliner on green eyes
Purple eyeliner on green eyes

Does purple eyeliner make green eyes pop or is purple eyeliner good for green eyes? What is I have blue green eyes, can I still wear purple eye liner?

Women blessed with green eyes deserve to know deserve to know that dark purple eyeliner, dark turquoise, or gold eyeliner will flatter their green eyes so well. Even if you have blue green eyes, purple is still a good eyeliner choice for you.  Purple will particularly make green colored eyes to pop.

Purple eyeliner for hazel eyes

Finally, if you have hazel eyes, purple or green eyeliners will complement your eyes, making you to look stunning. Consider your skin complexion avoiding dark purple eyeliner if your skin is fair since they may look a little harsh.

How to wear purple eyeliner and best purple eyeliner look

When it comes to wearing purple liners, especially if you

Purple eyeliner used on lower lash line
Purple eyeliner used on lower lash line

have blue, hazel, green or brown eyes, your creativity is your only limitation. You have a choice to go for subtle looks or add a little drama with sensual purple looks or even for shimmery or glittery purple eyeliner purple.

You have a wide choice of shades ranging from dark purple to plum to bright purple to play around with, depending on the looks you want to achieve, your skin complexion, or the event you will be attending while wearing your purple colored liner.

Simple but classic look

You will apply your eyeliner from the center of upper lash line to the outer eye corners. While doing so, ensure that as you move towards your eye corner, make the line bolder while towards the center of your lash line, and make it as close to your lash line as possible i.e. blend it into your lash line

Sensual purple look

Sexy purple eyeliner
Sexy purple eyeliner

For a sensual or sexy look, apply your eyeliner on your upper lash line as above before tracing your purple pencil liner along your bottom eye waterline. Purple, being subtler compared to black will help in bringing out your hazel, blue or green eyes so well.

Purple colored cat eye look

Just as you often create cat eye looks with your black or grey eyeliner, you can create a colorful one using purple colored eyeliner. This will give you a great evening look.

Purple cat eyes - Kathryn Wirsing courtesty of marieclaire
Purple cat eyes – Kathryn Wirsing courtesty of marieclaire

Purple smoky looks

By smudging your eyeliner, you can easily create a partial purple smoky eyeliner look. This give you alluring  smokey eyes look great for an evening event.

Complement it with other eye makeup

If you are wearing an eyeshadow,  ensure it compliments your eyeliner i.e. nicely putting on your purple colored eyeliner without coupling it with a good eyeshadow color might ruin your looks. Depending on your skin complexion and eye color, try colors such as brown (including shimmery brown for evening events or night outs), silver, lavender, some shades of pink, turquoise, etc

For mascara, apply two coats of black mascara with an option of purple or eggplant hits on your eyelash tips. This will look wow!

To avoid allergies

Some people have sensitive eyes than others. If you are among those with sensitive eyes, you can avoid instances purple eyeliner allergy by  go for brands without carmine ( i.e. carmine free). Carmine is used as a dye in a number of products that come in  red, pink and purple shades.

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