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Chubby Cheeks Meaning, Causes, in Babies, Girls, Celebrities and How to Get Rid of Chubby Cheeks

What is the chubby cheeks meaning? Why do you have them? Are they attractive in babies and adults? Which girls and celebrities have chubby cheeks too? Can hairstyle, facial exercises, makeup use or surgery help you get rid of chubby cheeks (or at least lose or reduce cheek chubbiness) fast? Sculptured cheeks and chisel shaped jawline is what everyone wants to have. What if you have them?

Chubby cheeks meaning or what are chubby cheeks?

Chubby cheeks refer to or is defined as rounded, plump, slightly fat and fleshy cheeks. Of course, it refers to many other things including chubby cheek dimple chin (nursery song or poem lyrics), chubby cheek photography (a photography website), cafes, nail polishes, etc. we are not going to focus on those but rather the facial feature of having cheeks that look chubby.

Baby with Chubby Cheeks
Baby with Chubby Cheeks

Furthermore, cheeks that are chubby should not be confused with puffy or swollen cheeks caused by some disease, condition or disorder since they do not always indicate an ill health sign. Sometimes, you will only have chubby cheeks when smiling or if they are not so chubby!

Cheeks that are chubby are very common and they look very attractive in children, most adults do not find them as attractive since they are often associated with overweight or fatness or obesity. If you have them, do not worry, we are going to discuss in details ways to get rid, reduce or lose your cheeks that appear chubby.

Whether chubby cheeks are cute or not depends on how an individual looks at them since they are cases of people who want to get rid of them while others are trying to get them.

Why is it that some people have chubby looking cheeks while others do not? Let us now look at the causes of cheek chubbiness before we can go to baby, celebrities, girls and people who have cheeks that are chubby.

Why do I have chubby cheeks or what causes cheek chubbiness

There are many reasons for chubbiness on cheeks. Some of the common causes or reasons why your cheeks are chubby include the following:

  • Obesity and being overweight – This is the most common cause chubbiness on cheeks especially to those that have much fat on their face and cheeks. A larger face is often common for people who are obese.
  • Genetic predisposition – Some people have big cheeks due to some hereditary factors they got from their parents.
  • Poor diet – Diets that are devoid of some essential nutrients can make someone’s cheeks to look puffy or chubby especially vitamins A, C and beta-carotene. On the other hand, some foods can causes cheek chubbiness especially too much carbohydrates, fats as well as excess salt use.
  • Water retention on face or facial edema – Some heart, kidney and liver disease are known to cause body water retention. If this happens on your face, you will have bloated cheeks that will look chubby.
  • Medication – using some medications are known to cause temporary chubbiness and redness on cheeks.
  • Allergic reaction – reaction to various allergens such as pet dander, insect bites, mite dust, pollen, latex, etc. can also cause temporary cheeks bloating or chubbiness.
  • Mumps and swollen salivary glands – people who have mumps or swollen salivary glands (especially parotid glands might have chubby looking cheeks.
  • Stress and inadequate sleep – sleeping less and leading stressful life can make your face to look saggy, tired and puffy.

Other possible causes include alcohol consumption (dehydrates the body forcing it to respond by storing more water), dehydration, hypothyroidism (can result to a puffy face, unexplained weight gain, constipation, dry skin and tiredness), edema, nephritic syndrome, among others.

Chubby cheeks baby, are they attractive?

As already mentioned, cheeks that are chubby on a baby is something admirable. They are truly cute, alluring and a sign of good healthy i.e. in children, they certainly look cute and make the baby look very healthy. However, as children grow up, the chubbiness in their cheeks slowly begins to disappear, except for a few whose cheeks remain chubby even as they grow.

Celebrities with chubby cheeks and Girls

If you have cheeks that are chubby, you are not alone, here are some girls, celebrities and people who have cheeks that are chubby.  Some of these celebrities include:

  • Jennifer Lawrence – she has an oval chubby face
  • Kirsten Dunst – round chubby face
  • Kate Upton: cheeks that are chubby and a round face
  • Drew Barrymore – cheeks that are chubby, long face and a prominent chin
  • Jenna Coleman – she has a wide face, cheeks that are chubby and a jawline that is prominent
  • Kelly Osbourne – cheeks that are chubby, pear shaped face and a wide jawline
  • Tara Lynn – has a wide and chubby face
  • Emily Browning – she has a round face and cheeks that are chubby
    Kelly Osbourne - Celebrities with chubby cheeks
    Kelly Osbourne – Celebrities with chubby cheeks

In addition to the women celebrities who have cheeks that are chubby, there are many others we did not mention. Even from the mentioned ones, the chubbiness extent might vary.

How to get rid of chubby cheeks, reduce or lose cheek chubbiness and double chin

We have seen what cheek chubbiness means, what causes them, babies, celebrities and girls who have them. It is a fact that most people find them awful since they can give someone the chipmunk looks and therefore get embarrassed to smile while others find these cheeks to make their slim physique to appear much bigger.

If you are one of such believers, that chubbiness on cheeks is unattractive,  let us now explore the various ways to get rid of chubby cheeks which will include makeup use, cheek exercises, weight loss hairstyling, diet, as well as general comments how to reduce chubby cheeks fast (in a day, a week, 2weeks, 3 days,  etc.). The most recommended ways of course is to try the inexpensive ways to lose, reduce or get rid of chubby cheeks naturally at home since natural ways are safe too.

Chubby cheeks exercise, facial or face exercises to get rid of cheek chubbiness

There are many face exercises that can reduce cheek chubbiness and double chin naturally at home you need to give a try.  Most of the facial yoga and exercises will also help you lose fat on your face, lose double chin, create chisel looking jaw, make your cheekbones more prominent and ensure your overall face is much thinner. Isn’t this what you need?

Exercises are not going to reduce your chubbiness in a day or after two day but they can bring great results after sometime and they include mouth, nose, cheek, eyelid, forehead, eyebrow, and general facial exercises. Some of the most recommended face exercise to reduce chubby cheeks include:

Chewing gum

Chewing gum will make your breath fresh, calm nerves, strengthen your jaws and help cheek fat loss. It is advisable to do if for a couple for minutes after you have heard your meals.

The X-O exercise

This is perhaps the easiest exercises to get rid of chubby cheeks you should give a try. It involves clearly pronouncing X-O 15 times before taking a break. Do this three times. The exercises is good for strengthening your jaws since it makes your jaws move in two different directions and burn some fat from your cheeks. You can do it anywhere, at home, office, etc.

Jaw opening exercise

Open your mouth as round and wide as possible and hold it for a few seconds before relaxing your jaws 10 times. Repeat the series 10 times, three times a day. This will help strengthen your jaws and lose some cheek fat.

Fish lips or face exercise

Fish lip or face exercise
Fish lip or face exercise

Begin by pursing your lips as if you are about to give someone a kiss, suck your cheeks until you get fish look like lips where the top and lower lips are puckered. While in this position, try to smile and hold the smile for about 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise 10 times. You can alternatively such one cheek at a time and hold it for about a minute before sucking the other cheek. Repeat this about 10 times.

Puffy cheeks or mouth in air – good for whole face

Take a deep breath, close your mouth before fill your cheeks with air. Push the air to left and holding for a minute before pushing it to the right chick and holding for another minute. Finally pushing the air onto your upper then lower lip, holding for a minute for each upper and lower lip pushes. Do this about 8 times.

Cheek suck and puff with pursed lips

Cheek puff with pursed lips
Cheek puff with pursed lips

While your lips are pursed, suck your cheeks and hold on that position for about 20 seconds before puffing your cheeks out and hold for about 20 seconds again. Repeat the exercise 3 times a day with each time having a set of 10.

Cheek lift

Going on with exercise to lose your chubby cheeks, you need to give cheek lift a try. This exercise will involve lifting your cheeks upwards towards your eyes as high as possible (you should feel like you are making an awkward strained smile) while your lips are closed. Your mouth corner will be important in helping you lift your cheeks as well as hutting your eyes as tight as possible. Hold your cheeks in that position for about 20 seconds. Repeat the exercise severally.

Some people will instead recommend puppet face where you place fingers on the place where your cheeks crease while smiling and push the points upwards as you smile.

Smile always

Smiling can help exercise your face muscles as well as make you lose chubby cheeks. While smiling, hold it for about 10 seconds. Even in your normal life, ensure you smile more since smiling can be so uplifting and make you feel good.

Cheek massage

The moment you are done with your facial exercises, it is advisable to massage your jaws and cheeks by rubbing them gently in circular motion. This is a great way to reduce soreness.

Face toning exercises

If you need overall toned face, you need to try various exercise which will also ensure you lose any double chin. Popular exercises include those for your neck, nose, eye area, forehead and chin. A toned face will reduce chubbiness on your cheeks as well as aid in facial fat loss.

Face exercise 1
Face exercise 1
Face exercise 2
Face exercise 2
Face exercise 3
Face exercise 3
Face exercise 4
Face exercise 4

Before you take on any of the face exercise to reduce chubby cheeks, it is worthwhile to know that they need consistence and dedication. Without motivation, you are likely to fall off your routine facial exercise. Furthermore, these exercises to make chubbiness of cheeks less require some time. It is unrealistic to tell you to expect results after a day or two. However, if you are dedicated, you will begin seeing some small change may be after a week, two or three weeks.

Weight loss for overweight and obese people

The other easy way reduce chubby cheeks at home is losing weight. Body weight loss for people who are overweight or obese will be important in reducing the chubbiness of their face and cheeks. Exercises have many other benefits to your body. Weight loss will revolve around eating the right diet (with low calories especially proteins, vegetables, and fats while you eliminated or reduce sugars and starches). Trying to calculate calories consumed is important in ensuring you effectively lose weight.

Your exercise routine should involve both aerobic exercises as well as strengthening exercise using the various strategies and ideas your instructor might have for quick weight loss. Exercise for minimum of 3-4 times a week (while targeting to burn at least 500 calories for each time you exercise).

How to get rid of chubby cheeks with makeup

Another way to get rid of chubby cheeks fast is the use of makeup. This does not really get rid of your cheeks that are chubby but create an illusion they are not chubby and/or make them look slimmer i.e. create high and define cheek bone illusion. To do this, you need:

  • A highlighter i.e. powder highlighter or a liquid illuminator.
    How to get rid of chubby cheeks with makeup
    How to get rid of chubby cheeks with makeup

    A beige or nude eyeshadow can do the work.

  • A bronzer especially matte that is two or three shades darker than your skin tone
  • A blush (liquid, cream or powder) that corresponds to the face skin tone you want to have.
  • Contouring brush – go for an angled contouring brush

With all this, it is time to look at how you can reduce your cheeks that are chubby using makeup. Here are important steps to follow:

  • Once you have applied your foundation, dip your contouring brush into your bronzer, tap it to get rid of excess powder with the back of your hands.
    Using makeup to reduce chubby cheeks - Suck your cheeks in and pucker up
    Using makeup to reduce chubby cheeks – Suck your cheeks in and pucker up
  • “Suck your cheeks in and pucker up.  Apply bronzer to the hollow part on both sides of your cheeks” [ixedit.com] i.e. the area that is directly under or below your cheek bone. Do not overdo it since your face will look like it has a lot of mud.
  • Apply your highlighter “area above where your bronzer is.  It’s the small space under your eye area just right before your cheeks” ” [ixedit.com].This will help draw away from your cheeks that are chubby to your cheek bones.
  • Apply subtle colored blush your cheeks apple towards your hairline avoiding your eye socket area and area above your cheekbones.
  • Ensure you have adequate sleep
  • Relaxation and proper stress management

Ensure you thoroughly bend to avoid any demarcations. This combined with the right hairstyle will ensure you look stunning. No one will even notice you have chubby cheeks anymore.

Good diet

Another way to lose chubby cheeks naturally is checking your diet. Ensure you have diets rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins, vitamins A B1, B5, B6, C, and beta-carotene to help flush out a lot of water in the body. You can also go for multivitamin to lose cheek chubbiness available as supplements if you do not seem to get enough nutrients especially calcium and magnesium. Furthermore, eat celery, cucumbers, lettuce, beets, apples, and carrots since they work as gently diuretics.

Facial massage

Besides facial exercises for cheeks that are chubby and general face toning, you can try facial massage since it will help disperse toxins that could be making your cheeks chubby, increase blood circulation on your face, face metabolism, relieve tension, works as a natural facelift, among other benefits.

Buccal fat removal and laser liposuction to remove chubby cheeks

If the various natural ways to lose chubby cheeks without surgery does not seem to give you any desired result or you want quick and certain results, you need to go for the various surgical options to remove them

Laser liposuction of chubby and fat cheeks

This technique employs the use of “laser energy to liquefy fat cells before they are suctioned and permanently removed” [www.cosmosclinic.com.au]. Fats are molten, collagen heated up to help tighten your skin. You will recover quickly and reduce chubby cheeks fast and permanently.  Laser liposuction is fairly costly as you might spend around $2,500 to as high as $5,000 depending on which clinic you visit.

Buccal fat removal for fat and chubby looking cheeks

This is a cheek reduction surgery that involves the removal of buccal fats which are “pads of fat that augment the lower part of the cheeks” [cosmeticsurgery.com] which can help contour your face and slim it permanently. This is going to boost your self-esteem, make you confident and enhance your physical appearance.

The average cost for buccal fat removal ranges from $1500 to as high as $5000 depending on another of reasons such as location of clinic, experience of surgeon, etc.

Other ways to reduce, get rid or lose chubby cheeks

Besides the many ways to get rid of cheeks that are chubby we have seen, you also need to try the following since they too can be helpful:

  • Drink enough amount of water daily i.e. about 8 glasses of water since we saw dehydration could be a cause for chubbiness.
  • Control salt intake since sodium in salt can cause water retention including in your face
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks since they dehydrate the body
  • Treat any underlying disease or condition, if your chubbiness is caused by some disease, disorder or condition such as swollen cheeks, swollen salivary glands, tooth problems, etc.

How to get rid of chubby cheeks fast

If you are trying to lose chubby cheeks fast, some of the recommended ways is to use makeup to minimize their appearance or try the various treatments available. I have seen many websites that promise you to reduce cheek chubbiness quickly or overnight. Some sites will claim to have magic ways on how to lose weight in a day, a week, after 2 or 3 weeks and so on.

We have no particular comment on these promises get rid of chubby cheeks in a week, day or a month. However, from experience, you deserve to know if you opt for cheek exercises or any other way that does not involve surgery, they will take a while for clearly visible results. However, if you opted for cosmetic surgery, you can lose cheek chubbiness very fast at some high cost.

How to how to lose chubby cheeks men

Men might not be much concerned about having cheeks that are a little been chubbier. The ways on how to how to lose cheek chubbiness in men and women will be more or less the same thing since they can exercise, play around with their haircuts, lose weight, etc. However, men should not try makeup to make their face look thinner.

Hairstyle for chubby cheeks, best and perfect hairstyles

How you style your hair can be very important in ensuring your cheek chubbiness looks less prominent. There are many haircuts and hairstyles for chubby cheeks which if combined with proper makeup use, you will get excellent results. To illustrate some of the perfect or best hairstyles and haircuts for cheek chubbiness, look at how each of the below celebrities have done their hair. You could get some ideas on how to make your chubby and round cheeks to look better.

Emily Browning - She has a symmetrical round face and chubby cheeks
Emily Browning – She has a symmetrical round face and chubby cheeks
Drew Barrymore - Chubby long face and hairstyle
Drew Barrymore – Chubby long face and hairstyle
Jenna Coleman - Girls with chubby cheeks
Jenna Coleman – Girls with chubby cheeks

Tips for chubby cheeks

To conclude some of the important tips to reduce chubby cheeks will revolve around your hairstyle, makeup use, diet and facial exercises to get rid of chubbiness on your cheeks.

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