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Get Rid of Stomach Fat Fast, Workouts, Diet to Lose, Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat Naturally

How do I lose stomach fat quickly? Losing fat on stomach is not very easy but is achievable if you are consistent. This may sound horrific if you have stubborn fat. Get more tips on how to reduce, get rid of stomach fat quickly, best fat burning foods help in reducing fat around belly plus other options to remove fat from the belly.

How to get rid of stubborn stomach fat
How to get rid of stubborn stomach fat

Facts about stomach fat

At least every one of us has some belly fat. If you need to know the amount of fat in your upper or lower stomach then go for a CT scan. You can also get a Mass Reading Index (MRI). Using a tape measure is simpler and much easier way to determine “how much” stomach fat your body carries.

According to health statistics, a healthy waist size for adults should be “less than 35 inches if you’re a woman and less than 40 inches if you’re a man.” [webmd.com] but get the right advice from your health care provider before you conclude that you or someone could be overweight.

Gaining too much weight over a given spell may give a room for your body to start creating fat stores (visceral fat) in other unusual places besides the region around the belly button. As Carol Shively, (PhD Prof. of pathology), reinstates with increasing obesity, more fat is deposited into the organs such as the liver and heart. This does not rule out thin people and those with athletic body types.

Finally, genetics is crucial if we talk about body fats distribution.

Why is my belly fat stubborn?

Belly Fat in Men
Belly Fat in Men

Have you tried to reduce or lose weight and are finding it almost impossible? Well, you might have a big health problem or it is could be possible you are taking poor strategies to lose belly fat lightly. But here is why you are not losing abdominal fat (stubborn).

Doing the wrong workouts

The other common reason for not losing belly fat is doing a target workout for the belly alone while ignoring the rest of the body fat.

You have a health problem

In women, a health problem such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) will create a situation in which stomach fat appears stubborn. Individuals with apple-shaped middle abdomen are likely to have hard time to lose stomach fat. Stress is yet another problem as it adds up and increases stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol has been associated with more visceral fat.

A poor eating lifestyle

Consumption of highly saturated fatty foods is so far one of the major contributing factor for both men and women. Diets with many processed foods greatly becomes a big problem when you want to lose belly fat. “Belly fat is associated with inflammation.” [health.com]

How to reduce stomach fat or belly fat – stomach fat reduction

Are you out to reduce tummy fat? There are numerous fat burning exercises and other simple methods to reduce stomach fat which can range from exercises to dietary changes. Moreover, targeting belly fat exercises and workouts can leave you frustrated at the end of the day. Here is a brief description of some common exercises.

1. Walking

Walking is for a beginner because this has a low impact on reducing and decreasing body weight. To do it better you need a (speed walking) brisk walking of at least 30 minutes a day 5 days if you want to realize a gradual change in weight loss.

2. Jogging

Jogging can serve as an alternative to walking but should also be alternated with brisk walking especially for people who are overweight.

3. Running

If you need to burn more calories and lower your stomach weight, move on to running. In addition to increasing your heart beat, you will have broken the monotony.

4. Swimming

Swimming is also increase the tempo and urge to losing tummy weight. This is one of the optional cardio for muscle toning and will burn a lot of calories. It is worth of it to go swimming after a little jogging or walking exercise.

5. Lunge twist

Besides reducing fat in lower stomach and toning thigh muscles doing lunges with twists is a great effort to attaining balance crucial for other workouts.

Watch this You Tube clip to learn how to do a lunge twist.

6.      Crunches

Do crunches burn fat in the stomach? Doing the crunches will help you burn more stomach fat effectively.

There are a good number of alternatives for doing these namely reverse, twist crunches, vertical leg crunches and side crunches.

Take a look at this 35 seconds clip of what a twist crunch is all about.

7.      Other workouts or fat burning exercises to reduce belly fat

Physicians recommend going for these body shaping and fat burning cardio if you have sufficiently lost weight and trimmed your abs – if you want to reduce stomach fat fast. They are great for dealing with abdomen fat as well as shaping up thigh or training hip muscles.

They include rolling plank exercises, reverse crunches, twist crunches, stomach vacuum, side-to-side bending, etc.

8.      Foods to reduce belly fat

While you are on a routine exercising, reduce the bad fats (concentrated fats). Include foods rich in fiber content but avoid too much carbohydrates and sugar. Boost your metabolism with (vitamin E rich) fruits such as watermelon, cucumber, green vegetables. As a matter of fat always take some water with you to avoid thirst and dehydration.

Targeting to burn stomach fat with foods to reduce belly fat alone or fat burning exercises alone would not make you achieve much than expected outcome.

A list of fat burning foods

When you need to promote fat burning you need to include foods that reduce cravings but use energy to burn more calories during digestion. These are some of the super foods to gear up fat burning.

  • Berries,
  • Pears,
  • Asparagus,
  • Organic raw apple cider vinegar,
  • Enova oil such as soy and canola,
  • Peanut butter,
  • Grape fruits,
  • Greens – spinach, lentils, broccoli,
  • Legumes,
  • Whey
  • Nuts like pine, almonds,

The rest comprise hot peppers, cinnamon, green tea, coconut oil, chicken breast, flax seeds etc. But to be on a safer side consult your doctor if you have any issue with consuming these foods.

How to lose belly fat for women

Stomach fat in women
Stomach fat in women

Belly fat in women is rampant in women over 30, 40 and over 50. This fact is attributed to the fact that as we age more insulin which is a promoter of fat storage. Although there is no scientific proof to clearly show that alcohol and belly fat in women have a co-relation.

Apparently, more women find it difficult losing belly fat but a similar fitness program comprising a clever combination of strict limit to calorie intake, diet regulation and restriction.

Best way to get rid of belly fat fast or quickly in weeks

What is the best way to lose stomach fat? Losing belly fat is not a bed of roses. One of key factors is to focus on strength training and cardiovascular exercises and foods that help to burn belly fat. Both diet deficit and workouts must be keenly adhered to since there are no easy ways to lose belly fat fast.

Cardio regimen

An appropriate cardio regimen is an excellent fat burning routine for people with moderate body weights. According to recommendations by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, CDCP, an adult individual should burn 2 pounds of calories to enhance losing fat quickly. Restricted diet and moderate to vigorous or high intensity exercises create a super cardio regimen. Examples of such activities are interval training and cardio or strength training.

a. Interval training including HIIT Training

Sometimes it seems almost impossible for you to target losing weight for a period of one week or two. This is because many cardio regimen require body strengthening exercises to avoid being overworked or running into an energy deficit. With interval training you can do it even in tight schedules but need to keep resting in between.

According to research on fitness, “interval training can supercharge fat-burning, boost metabolism, and improve cardiovascular fitness.” [greatest.com]

How to get the most out of HIIT training

To avoid any risks of being burnt out and being to injury, begin slowly as you build up gradually. Do warm-ups in readiness for an increased cardio activity. For instance go for 40 to 60 seconds jogging, walking or rope jumping. Follow up with a 20 seconds squats or pushups, etc. of 15 reps each.

  • Avoid day-to-day HIIT training or on consecutive days.
  • Take enough time to rest and allow time for preparation of a different training during your next schedule of interval training. Try a three day per week.
  • Always do an interval training while watching the clock.
  • Try to be outsmart your previous interval by challenging time or by making it a bit harder. For example make more squats or try a squat with overhead press within the 20 seconds.
  • Work with partners or in pairs. It makes the whole training look simpler but interesting.

Alternate between strength straining and other exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, rowing, etc. (each taking not more than 30 minutes). Generally, people described as being overweight should be guided accordingly if they want the best out of interval training.

b. Stick to a calorie intake

Another best way to lose belly fat is to reduce your calorie intake every other day. If you are serious to lose belly weight fast then start by creating a deficit of 500 to 1000 calories per day. You will be losing about 2 pounds just in 1 week as recommended. It is simple but needs strict measures including observing your dietary regulation.

It is unfortunate for beginners to benefit very much from high interval training and quickly lose belly fat. If you find out that you have not been making a significant step forward contact your doctor to see your actual problem.

How to get rid or remove stubborn belly or stomach fat

Getting rid of stubborn belly fat is even more difficult. Sometimes burning exercises, diet deficit and workouts can be overwhelming. Apart from what we have highlighted below are some clinical procedures to help out.

First things first. You have to figure out the reason why you find it most difficult to lose stomach fat.

1. Liposuction to remove belly fat

Have you tried nearly all the above strategies without results you expected? Liposuction is an optional surgery process to get rid of stomach fat. It is probably time to consider it. Lipo procedures provide the best alternatives to lose excessive stomach fat.

Liposuction has two forms in which either laser or suction equipment are applied. For less fatty belly one can opt to go for laser liposuction. If well applied both methods can remove stomach fat and (love handles in men).

However, clients must be aware of poor surgery come with risks and side effects. Therefore, it calls for one to go for consultation to get proper advice and correct information regarding quality surgical services to avoid delayed post-recovery and developing further complications in the future.

2. Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty

Tummy tuck is also another stomach fat removal through a surgical incisions which may run from one hip to the other. Unlike liposuction, a tummy tuck is a more extensive procedure which involves removal of belly fat, “large amount of excess skin around the abdomen, degrees of lower abdominal skin laxity, stretch marks or severely stretched stomach muscles,” [plasticsurgeryportal.com]

These are costly procedures. A quality liposuction goes for not less than $6000 but cost should not be a reason to compromise your life. Plan in advance. Both procedures must be carried out by a professional plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

How to lose belly fat naturally

Downward yoga for losing stomach fat
Downward yoga for losing stomach fat

Some people are still wondering if there are possibilities of losing stomach fat of drastically reduce belly fat. The truth is that natural methods available will for sure be more beneficial to people who have already undergone successful weight loss programs.

1. Yoga

It involves a kind of exercise to lower the level of cortisol (stress hormone) for instance downward dog. This is a working method in reducing excess fat especially for women who get a stubborn visceral fat after menopause.

2. Try fat-burning beverages

Fat burning foods to help in reducing stomach fat
Fat burning foods to help in reducing stomach fat

In addition to the list of fat burning foods, try ginger tea, Matcha tea (beverages) and fruit juice to complement your diet change.

3. Relaxation

Learning to manage through relaxation techniques is quite helpful. Stress could be triggering release of more cortisol hormone and mess up with your routine. There are several things to do in order to overcome the pressure and avoid getting chronic stress. Learn to meditate or engage your mind in solving tasks or thinking about what you like most.

Tips to lose belly fat flat tummy and reduce weight

Here are more general tips to help you fight body weight caused by excessive fat especially due to poor lifestyle as opposed to the health related problems.

1. A healthy lifestyle

This largely includes a lifestyle in which you rely on healthy diet and physical activity or a daily routine practice.

Begin by limiting much of your dietary needs to plant foods such as fruits, green vegetables or whole grains. For a healthy diet to work out ensure you have a limit on sugary foods and saturated fat found in meat and other dairy processed products such as butter and cheese.

2. Hydrate your body

Take sufficient water to boost metabolism and keep your cell activity to help burn more fat during exercises.

3. Strengthen your body

Your exercising will depend on how much body weight you have lost. That is to say if you have already lost a significant body weight, engage your body in moderate aerobic workouts (for at least 40 – 60 minutes for adults). However if you have not lost weight in accordance to the required standards or as per instructions by your physicians.

4. Work under physician guidance

On the other hand, if you are overweight it is advisable to seek medical advice before you start off. However, lighter aerobic activities such as jogging for at least 60 minutes may be of help.

5. Work with low glycemic foods

A low GI food index of about 55 or less is ideal for people with stubborn fat and chronic stress. They include lentils and chickpeas.

Everyone absolutely needs visceral fat since it creates the cushioning effect around organs. The bitter truth is that people with excessive body fats have increased risks to get “high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and certain cancers, including breast cancer and colon cancer.” [webmd.com].

Deep abdominal fats does not occur only in people with big body sizes. Even if you are thin and are not active physically be aware that visceral fats likes inactivity

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