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How to Lose Cheek Fats Fast via Injections, Surgery, Exercises, or Gain Cheek Facts

How do you get rid, reduce or lose cheek fat? Can surgery, injections, exercises, liposuction or weight loss help? How can kids, men and women lose fat on their cheeks? What if you have hollow and sunken cheeks, can you gain fat on your cheeks?

Cheek fat, also referred as ‘baby fat on cheeks’ can make your cheeks to look chubby and fat. Although a few people may want to gain, most people actually want to lose the excess fat so as to have well defined and sculpted cheeks as well as chisel shaped jawlines. We will begin by looking at ways to get or gain fat on cheek before we look at how to lose it.

How to gain fat on cheeks

How to gain cheek fat - Misca Barton looking very thin
Misca Barton looking very thin with sunken cheeks

If you are one of the people who want to gain cheek fat especially if you have a gaunt face look (i.e. sunken and very slim cheeks), there are a number of ways to put on some fat on your cheeks. Some of the common ways include:

1. Fat grafting or fat injection and costs

This is a specialized procedure that requires trained plastic surgeons as well as specialized equipment to inject very small amounts of fat to your cheek or areas with hollowness making them fuller. The fat is harvested from other parts of the patient’s body and it presents no chance of negative reactions. If the fat cells are kept alive, the procedure is known as lipostructure.

According to Dr. Raleigh-Durham, a plastic surgeon, “fat are carefully microinjected in a series of discrete layers to gradually ‘build’ new soft tissue structure. As there is space between each microinjection, new blood vessels are able to grow into the grafted fat, allowing it to persist” [realself.com].

This procedure to get fats on cheeks (or any other hollow body part you want filled) is also used to get rid of wrinkles, scarring, crow’s feet, aging lines, as well as other imperfections on your skin. The end results is a more youthful look.

On costs for cheek fat injection, it will depend on the amount of fat you require injected, expertise of your plastic surgeon, status and location of the clinic. Expect to spend about $1500 for 5 ml, $2000 for 10 ml fat transfer and for 20 ml, the cost will be around $3000.

2. Gaining weight can help to put weight on cheeks

Secondly, to increase cheek fat try to increase your general boy weight if you are skinny. Go going for high calorie foods and/or decreases exercises can help in weight gain. Of course, this means you will gain weight not just on your cheeks but also on the rest of your body. Some of the good foods include food rich in crabs, butter sugar paste, milk, olive oil, apple paste and so on.

3. Restylane and/collagen injections and implants

Going on with ways to get fat on cheeks, consider restylane and/collagen injections as well as cheek implants. All these procedures will not only increase fat on your cheeks but will make them look fuller if they are sunken.

4. Try some face exercises

Whereas there are exercises that are designed to lose or reduce fat on cheeks, there are those that actually increase fat on your cheeks. Exercises such as blowing balloons and chewing gum can help one gain fat on their cheeks. Facial massage especially with fatty vegetable oil such as sesame oil can help one get chubby cheeks. Finally, avoid using a straw when drinking since it can make your cheeks to sunken.

We have looked in brief on how to gain fat on cheeks. Let us now go to ways of losing or how to decrease cheek fat since it is a common problem that many people have.

How to lose cheek fat, how to get rid of cheek fat or how to reduce cheek fat

To help you deal with this problem, we are going to discuss both surgical and non-surgical approaches you can use to reduce fat on your cheeks. The good news is that some of the ways to lose cheek fat we are going to discuss will also help you lose neck fat, chin fat as well as a double chin.

Note: If you have chubby cheeks, we have already covered it comprehensively where we discussed the meaning, baby with chubby cheeks, causes, good hairstyles, makeup use as well as other ways to get rid of chubby cheeks. See chubby cheeks for details.

So, what are some of the ways to get rid of the excess fat on your cheeks?

1. Getting rid of cheek fat with surgery – Buccal fat extraction

If you want to lose cheek fat quickly (in a day or less than week considering healing takes time), go for buccal fat removal, (also known as cheek reduction surgery or simply buccal fat pad extraction). This is a “plastic surgery procedure for reducing prominent cheeks, by the proportional removal of buccal fat-pad tissue” [Wikipedia.org]. The end results is reduced cheek fat size.

This procedure is done under local or general anesthesia with an incision made inside the mouth near your second upper molar and/or another one through your buccinator muscle.  It will help you get a “sculpted facial contour or chiseled look” [drfarrior.com]

During the process, care should be taken to avoid removing too much fat and thus remaining with a gaunt look. People who have chubby or fat cheeks that have a tendency of becoming gaunt later on in their lives should avoid this procedure.

Before and after removing cheek fat with surgery

The below before and after picture should show you what you expect if you go for the surgical way of removing excess fat from your cheeks.

Buccal fat removoal before and after surgery
Buccal fat removoal before and after surgery

2. Losing cheek by liposuction or how to remove cheek fat by fat removal injections

Another way to lose fat on cheeks fast or overnight is going for liposuction procedure (also known as lipo, lipoplasty or liposculpture suction lipectomy). This is a “is a cosmetic surgery operation that removes fat from many different sites on the human body” [wikipedia.org]. For this case, liposuction will involve removal of fat on cheeks with a “cannula (a hollow tube) and aspirator (a suction device).”

During the procedures, various techniques and mechanisms are used such as suction-assisted, ultrasound-assisted, power assisted, twin cannula, external ultrasound-assisted, water-assisted, laser assisted liposuction, etc. Healing normally takes anything between two days and two weeks.

The costs for cheek fat removal injection will be about $300-$400 per each injection. Therefore, total cost might depend on how many injections are required for your treatment. Typically, the cost ranges from $1,500 and $5,000.

3. How to burn cheek fat with facial exercises, face yoga or cheek fat exercises

Going on with ways to remove cheek fat, you should also consider the various facial exercises which have been proven effective for not only reducing fat on cheeks but also a toning your face, getting rid of double chin as well as neck fats. Some of the very helpful exercises include the following:

  1. Chewing gums
  2. The X-O exercises
  3. Jaw opening exercises
  4. Fish lip or face exercise
  5. Puffy cheeks or mouth in air exercises
  6. Cheek lift
  7. Cheek suck 
  8. Cheek massage
  9. Smiling always

See benefits and details of each of the facial and cheek exercises to reduce cheek fat.

More exercises to help you get rid of that fat on your cheeks besides the above include:

i). Face stretching exercises

Face Stretching Exercises for losing cheek fat
Face Stretching Exercises

To do it, stick your tongue out with your mouth and eyes open. Try to touch your chin using your tongue and hold at that position for about 10-20 seconds. Do this 10 times.

This face yoga helps strengthening facial muscle as well as stretch them. It will also help in sculpting your cheekbones, reduce lower part of your cheek and thereby giving you a slimmer and more attractive looking face.

ii). Cheek fat loss by face massage

Facial massages will help burn fat on your cheek, tone your face as well as sculpt it. If you use wheat germ oil or ginseng oil, it could stimulate and improve lymphatic drainage, blood circulation and reduce retention of water on your face and neck area.

iii).Hot towel treatment

According to thebeautymadness.com, applying a hot towel on the affected area can help to combat fat storage as well as cause the area to sweat. These two actions will reduce fat on your cheeks.

iv). Tongue rotation exercise

With your mouth closed, make circular motions with your tongue. Ensure your tongue touches the outer surface of your lower and upper teeth. Do 15 clockwise and anticlockwise tongue rotation exercises for quick results.

Note: Facial or cheek exercises will not help you reduce cheek fat any faster than how you would lose weight elsewhere on your body if you are currently trying to lose weight.  Dedication, commitment and hard work is important. Some people have reported to have lost noticeable cheek fat after 10 days of exercising.

While losing fat on your cheeks by any of the methods we have or are yet to discuss, ensure you incorporate facial exercises. This is one of the best ways to lose cheek fat since it will give you a youthful appearance, reduce wrinkles and tone your facial skin.

For more on face yoga and exercises to reduce or burn fat on our cheeks see:

4. Reducing cheek fat by overall body weight loss

One of the best and easiest way to lose fat on cheeks is lose your overall body weight i.e. your face will slim down when you slim your body. If you are keen, you will see your face becoming slimmer after losing a few pounds. Weight loss will also reduce chin fat as well as neck fat.

Body weight loss requires commitment, a healthy diet selection as well as routine exercises. Try cutting about 250 calories through exercises while lose the same amount by diet adjustment. We will recommend this method since it has many other benefits including “cardiovascular system and reduce your risk of weight-related ailments such as heart disease and diabetes” [livestrong.com].

i). Diet to lose weight

On diet, eat lots of vegetables and fruits servings daily, get rid of tempting foods, eat while seated on a table, do not skip your means and go for foods with lower calorific values. Ensure choose a good diet plan that has lesser sugars and starches, and “please skip any programs that promote detoxification pills, laxatives, fasting, or potions, and any that promise weight loss faster than 2-3 pounds per week” [webmd.com]. However, do not take your diet below 1000 calories since it helps lose fat but it does reduce your metabolism. Other helpful ways on dieting include

Drinking a lot of water

Not taking enough water tends to encourage your body to retain or store water in various parts of your body including your cheek and eye regions. This can give you a puffy and chubby cheek look. Ensure you drink adequate amounts of water daily. It is recommended to take around 8 glasses of water daily.

Reduce salt and sugar intake

Excessive salt consumption as well as too much refined sugar consumption can encourage water retention and make your cheeks and face puffy. Reduce salt consumption and replace refined sugar products such as cookies or cupcakes with ripe fruits.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is known to cause puffy or fat cheeks since it encourages water retention. This happens because alcohol normally causes dehydration. It can also encourage weight gain and thus more fat deposits including on your cheeks.

Diuretic and calcium rich foods

Eating foods loaded with calcium will help reduce water retention in the body as well as help in weight loss. Go for foods such as cottage cheese and yoghurt.  Getting supplements with “B-Vitamins: B1, B5, and B6 will also help natural flush excess water from your body in addition to the minerals: calcium, magnesium, and potassium” [healthylivingsummit.com].

Finally eating foods that act as natural diuretics such as “celery, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce and apples and beets is highly encouraged.

ii). Exercises to lose weight

On the other hand, exercises should include both cardio which burns a lot of calories well as strengthening training and exercises using dumbbells, machine weights, and your own weight i.e. exercises for bodybuilding. “Cardio burns the most calories, so it is ideal for fast weight loss” [webmd.com], while strengthening training will help your body gain muscle and reduce amount of fat including the one on your face.

Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, CDC recommends between 150 to 300 minutes of moderate intensity of exercise per week. You can also opt for 30 to 60 minutes for 5 days a week.

5. Makeup and flattering hairstyle

Besides all the above ways to reduce fat on cheeks, you should ensure you also properly use your makeup to help create an illusion of slimmer cheeks as well as go for flattering hairstyles for fat cheeks.

How to lose cheek fat for kids

Fact cheek on kids
Fat cheek on kids

To lose fat on kids’ cheeks, you can try the various ways approaches we have discussed depending on the age of a child. If the baby is so young, consider his or her calorie consumption. Avoid unnecessarily too much calories but you should not starve your child.

How to reduce cheek fat for teenagers, men and women?

So, how do you lose cheek fat as a teenager, man or woman? When it comes to losing fat on your cheeks, there are no specific ways to reduce or get rid or lose fat on cheeks that applies only to men, women or teenagers. The above methods can be used by people of various age groups with an exception being the very young children and babies.

How to lose cheek fat in a day, a week, 10 days or fast

We have seen a number of ways to reduce cheeks fat. Each of these ways will help you reduce, lose or get rid of fat on your cheeks within different timelines. If you interest is to lose or get rid of cheek fat fast (such as in a day or a week). The most recommended ways include

  • Cheek reduction surgery – Results are expected as soon as the swelling and healing process is over. Within a few days, your fat cheeks will be gone.
  • Liposuction – opting for cheek liposuction will give you immediate results. However, you might take a two to two weeks to heal fully.

Typically, going for cheek fat reduction by facial exercises will tend to take a little longer to see results. If you are aggressive, you might see results quicker.

Losing cheek fat without surgery

Apart from buccal fat removal, all the other procedures do not involve surgery. They are generally cheaper apart from liposuction. However, they tend to take longer to see results especially if you go for cheek fat reduction naturally.

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