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Itchy Forehead Causes, Rash, During Pregnancy, Remedies and Treatments

Is your forehead itching? Do you experience itchy forehead with or without a rash? Let us look at itchy forehead causes, including during pregnancy and what one can do to hasten the relief of itchy forehead.

To begin with, according to healthhype.com, this kind of itching may develop with or without forehead rash. Whereas some causes may not be serious, proper diagnosis of  forehead itching is necessary. During diagnosis, other symptoms experienced together with an itchy forehead may help you guess what could be behind your itchy forehead.

Itchy forehead meaning and superstition

Itchy forehead due to Scalp Psoriasis
Itchy forehead due to Scalp Psoriasis

Itchy forehead has got several meaning of superstitions among different societies. This superstitions should not bother or agitate you and we would not dwell on them.  We will instead focus itchy forehead in the medical context.

Causes of itchy forehead

An itchy forehead can have various reasons behind it. So under this section, we are going to give you some of the most common skin conditions that commonly trigger itching on the forehead. Here we go:

Allergic reactions (eczema and contact dermatitis

In most cases, allergies have been the prime trigger of forehead itch. It can occur as part of eczema (atopic dermatitis). Eczema normally begin in the childhood and are closely linked to allergic rhinitis and asthma. This condition will make the affected area to develop dry, cracked, red and itchy skin.

Another allergy-linked condition we can’t forget is the allergic contact dermatitis. This usually occur when certain allergens come into contact with an individual`s skin. Who can get allergic contact dermatitis? Well, this a condition that normally affect those individuals having an immune hypersensitivity to certain substance or allergens.

Exposure to facial care irritants

You should be able to acknowledge that, the skin on your forehead can be irritated with numerous substances. Common irritants that can cause facial and forehead itch include soap, skin care products, water, sweat among others.

Do not neglect that there are more irritant that would be available in different environments including your work environment. Prolonged exposure to these dreadful substances can make one to develop irritant contact dermatitis. This is a condition that can cause itchy forehead or any other part of the body.

Hair and hair care products

Your forehead skin can be irritated when touched by the hair leading to itching. In particular, uncleansed hair loaded with dust, dirt and accumulated hair styling products such as hair styling gel can be a source of irritants.

Other possible irritants in hair that can cause an itchy forehead include chemical straighteners, hair dyes and perm agents.


Many people love wearing hats, helmets, veils, head scarves and headbands. The reasons for this may range from head protection to swag among other interests including religious reasons.

Do these headwear have any prospective risk on the wearer? Of course they can pose some effects on your head such as being a source of irritant, contact dermatitis i.e. certain headwear will directly irritate the forehead skin directly. This is common if the materials that make up these headwear can trigger allergic reactions.

Furthermore, note that the heat and sweat generated after covering your head for some time, can sometimes act as irritants leading to itching and a rash. Covering a rash if available can only lead to severe irritation and itching. Be careful!

Acne could be behind your forehead itching
Acne could be behind your forehead itching


Acne occurring on the forehead is very usual. This is a problem that is most common among the adolescents though can as well be experienced among adults.

Characteristic symptom to these condition is the pimples. Pimples can occur due to bacterial infections, overactive oil glands and inflammation and blockage of the follicles.

Forehead acne can also emerge with other symptoms apart from pimples which may include itching.

Recurring skin diseases

Another possible cause of forehead itch is the chronic skin diseases. There are several skin diseases that can make your forehead to itch. Remember these diseases can trigger forehead itching with or without a rash. Sometimes, you can have a forehead rash without itching. Here are the main example of these skin diseases:

Shingles on forehead an also make it itchy
Shingles on forehead an also make it itchy
  • Neurodermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Fungal infection (ringworm)
  • Chickenpox
  • Head lice
  • Liver disease
  • Scabies
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Shingles
  • Urticaria


Do all itching arise from skin conditions? Definitely the answer is NO. In some cases itching may be due to psychological factors. For instance individual is exposed to anxiety and nervousness, he/she can may be a victim of forehead itching without knowing.

What one should bear in mind is that, itching triggered by the psychological factors are short-lived and they might go away when the stressor is no longer there.

The ideal solution in such a case is avoid situations that can cause stress, anxiety or nervousness. Furthermore, one can try stress management strategies as well as find some distractions to avoid scratching their forehead.


It will hold water to say that, due to its location, your forehead can be prone to sunburn and consequently a forehead itching. Besides sunburn, any other source of UV rays can lead to irritation of the skin.

Itching around the forehead skin due to sunburn, may accompanied with skin peeling. In some cases, the itching will precede skin redness.


Wounds may develop on individual’s forehead because of different reasons. This may include accidental blunt trauma. Normally itching will experienced by the time the any wound will be healing. Expect your forehead to itch one any wound on your forehead begins to heal.

Other causes of itchy forehead

Besides the above, some skin fungal infections, bacterial infection and bug bites can also lead an itchy skin on your forehead.

Itchy forehead with rash

What is a rash? Well a rash is normally an inflammatory reaction of the skin. These can have variant sizes, appearances and will be influenced by underlying triggers.

It is not uncommon to have skin rashes on your forehead. These rashes can affect small or large areas of the forehead. Such a rash may occur only on your forehead or also on other parts such the cheeks, or entire face or/or other body parts.

Are all forehead rashes itchy? NO, some forehead rashes may be itchy while others may not. It all depends on the cause of these forehead rashes.

In terms of their color and appearance they can be white, red, purple or silver in color. Their texture of these forehead rashes can be raised, flat, bumpy or scaly and they can be accompanied with flaky and peeling skin cells. Some forehead rashes can appear as dots or spots. The can as well occur over a continuous area of the forehead.

Forehead rash may be induced by variety of factors that could be mild to severe diseases, disorders and conditions. Some of the causes of the forehead rashes includes acne, dermatitis, mild allergic reactions, and inflammatory disorders.

Something to smile about is the fact that forehead rashes does not pose serious or permanent harm and they can always be successful with proper care and medication. However, not adhering to your healthcare provider can result in dreadful undesirable consequences.

Other causes of forehead rash

  • Scabies
  • Diapers
  • Insect bites
  • Certain medications
  • Allergies
  • Viral infections, like chicken pox, measles, rubella and warts
  • Bacterial infections
  • Ringworm

Symptoms of itchy forehead

  • Burning or stinging sensation
  • Dryness
  • Inflamed skin
  • Scaling
  • Itchiness
  • Redness
  • Small blisters or bumps on the skin
  • Rings in reddish
  • Colour
  • Fever

Forehead Itching and Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women will become a subject to many skin changes or reactions. They might experience changes such as sudden glow on their face. Some conditions such chlosma or what is known as “mask of pregnancy” will not be left out.

Mask of pregnancy can causes dark splotchy spots to present on an individual’s face. These spots usually appear on their forehead as a result of increased pigmentation during this stage. Pregnant women commonly experience “mask of pregnancy” due to the fact that at this stage their body will produce more hormones.

Another issue is that the fairly produced hormones will cause a face of a pregnant woman to become shiny, there will be more blood circulation causing the face to be brighter. Note that all these conditions are what lead to pregnancy glow that can be linked to forehead itching.

In case a pregnant woman had acne before, the condition may worsen leading to intense itching than before. The situation will be true taken into the account that at this stage there is more hormones being produced.

Spider veins is also another common condition during pregnancy due increased hormone production. Spider veins also known as spider nevi are minute reddish blood vessels that branch outward. They are also caused by increased blood circulation. They usually appear on the face, neck, arms and upper chest. Though spider veins are usually not common, the can induce a bit itching around the forehead.

Itchy forehead relief remedies and treatments

All the above mentioned causative factors can be relieved through medical treatment  or remedies once they are discovered. You will soon itching gradually easing or vanishing once the underlying conditions resolve. How long the itching will take before it goes way will depend on the biology of an individual’s body.

In case mild itching, there are several available simple remedies that can be employed to deal with itching. Once again, the effectiveness of the said remedies will vary depending on the roots of these itching. Severe cases of forehead itching or forehead itching that won’t go away may need you to see your physician for evaluation and treatment.

If your concern has been ‘what can I do to relief out my itchy forehead’? We have remedies that have been proved worthy. Take your time to explore the below listed simple and remedies.

Wash your face with cool water

In the first place, rinsing your forehead and scalp with cool water is just but an ideal move. During this process, you can use mild soap that cannot induce any skin condition. Make sure to dry the affected area thoroughly but be keen not cause any irritation.  Note that antibacterial and perfumed soap can just lead to negative outcome in this case.

Refrain using some facial and hair care products

Please refrain from using hair care products or hair dyes too close to your affected forehead skin. This can lead to irritation.

Another issue stop any facial care products that  could lead to itching since facial itching can extend to forehead too. The only problem here is that it might be very difficult to define and establish which product will have potential influence on your facial skin.

Check your headwear

In case the headwear is the gate opener to your forehead itching, please you should stop it immediately. Try out another solution apart from headwear or get ones made from different material .

Furthermore, you can as well limit their use and always ensure they are very clean. Remember helmets and hats that cannot be washed or replaced should completely not used at all. Such headwear can make a good habitat for bacteria that can lead to skin conditions linked to itching.

Don’t share personal items

It is important not to share personal items such as comb, hair brushes among others. By doing so one can provide a ground for the spread of fungal infections, scabies and head lice. All these are potent to causing forehead itching.

Use sunscreen

Try using sunscreen on the forehead and use a wide-brimmed hat in case your itching is not due to the headwear, this may limit the extent of the sunburn. You are also advised to stop exposing yourself to the sun while applying some topical creams or lotions, for instance those that contain vitamin A derivatives.

Try home remedies for itchy skin

For itchy forehead due to skin rashes, some home remedies like the use aloe vera, olive oil, chamomile tea, Vitamin E oil, oatmeal, Baking soda, Ice Park, Lime juice, tomato puree among other products can be used to heal it.

Sometimes some rashes will be very painful and burning and accompanied by swelling and redness. Homeopathic remedies can be suitable.

Use antihistamines

Itching due to allergies or irritants can be impeded using antihistamines but make sure you get the advice and prescription from your doctor before you use these medications.

Additional tips on itching forehead

Do not scratch your itching forehead because it can lead to infections or worsen the problem. Try patting the itchy skin instead or above discussed remedies.

In the cases where you have applied the above remedies and the condition don’t change or the itching persists, book appointment with your doctor for further diagnosis.

In many cases, you will agree with me that the other general causes of body itching has a lot also to do with your forehead itching. Always know that the various causes of itching, can trigger an itchy forehead.

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