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What Does Your Lip Type or Shape Say About Your Personality?

What type of lips do you know or think have? Do you believe you are you a go-getter because of your lip type or shape? Get the hints and pointers to the revelations on your personality from the type of lips you and your celebs or stars share.

Lip type and personality

The science of study of lips as a facial feature involves both descriptive and interpretative characteristics such as mouth size, lip shapes, fullness, margins and contours which are all important. Therefore, in terms of personality, we can describe or define human traits after interpretation of the lip size, plumpness or fullness and the Cupid’s bow.

1. Full lips, plump and thick

Plumpness in lips is that quality of having perfectly fat but pleasant lips. Ladies whose lips have this quality, according to the ideas of lipsology, express themselves as being confident, courageous and passionate.

People with these type of lips also share the following human attributes or quality.

  • They are also passionate about helping others out of their real situations by putting needs first
  • Generous, nurturing and possess a true sense of motherhood
  • There is liveliness in them and they value friendship
  • They have profound social connections

Thick lips or fuller lips are more or less the same in size. Plump or fuller lips are pouty and sexy with a sensual, attractive look. Women love this even more nowadays.

2. Thin

Do you know of a celeb with thin lips? Thin lips have its unique attractiveness and will work well, wonderfully amazing if you give them your attention. Thin lips with a defined lip outline look great in pencil or lip stick application. Selection that cleverly your matches your lip colour will make your lips absolutely desirable.

Do you have this type of lips? These are most probably your notable

  • You are independent, self-sufficient and reserved but cautious
  • You tend to be a loner and content in your own company
  • Your determination and persistency make you an exceptional high achiever
  • You have a sweet and sensitive side of your own that no one perhaps knows not

Ladies with thin lips can make them appear fuller and attain their stunning, sexy looks they want. Consider use of lip plumper or treatments such as lip augmentation.

3. Unequal

Lips can at times will not be so symmetrical. Notably, your top lip’s outline may be higher from one corner and lower from the other. Again, use of lip pencil can be a great idea for finding a more balanced Cupid’s bow. You may apply it even slightly on outer lines so as to achieve that effect.

4. Fallen types

With fallen lips, one of your corners of the lips are tilted downwards. Nevertheless, they are desirable and attractive with this uniqueness.

5. Smooth – the “kissable lips”

Besides the obvious touchable or readily-to-kiss, smooth lips are equal looking and smooth to touch with less prominent lip margins but still finely curved and noticeable. Any type of lips can be kissable but pleasure-loving individuals call them the kissable lips since they are the best textured lips, above all.

6. Oomph

Oomph lips may be defined in reference to top lip which are “very defined and shaped upper lip, with a heart shaped outline.” [www.consumerhealthdigest.com]

For sure, these are best lips as they are even without lip gloss or pencil. Like thick lips, oomph lips are generally are fuller, beautiful-looking and attractive lips.

Types by shape

According to Dr. Lorenc, there are four lip shapes that many people wish they could have. With the fuller, bee-stung lips most coveted, other lip shapes most desired are the heart-shaped lips, Hollywood lips and even-shaped lips.

1. Full-shaped

Fuller shaped lips with curvy and symmetrical Cupid’s bow are a beauty to beat. However, such lips may not always be symmetrical. For such guys and ladies, all you need to keep them at their best and pleasure-giving, is to keep them moisturized, preferably without lip liners.

Full lips require great attention in terms of care since they are pouty in nature and a great appeal sexually. When they have defined outlines, such lips are appealed sensually and people have a lot of emotional attachment to your personality.

Angelina Jolie is one of the popular celebs with this type of lip shape.

2. Rounded-shaped

This type of lips look somewhat like a button. Round lip shapes are something of charming, giving pleasure and likable kind of attraction. What more?

  • You are extra kind
  • More compassionate
  • More considerate and love having your time for other people

If you have round lips try applying a lip gloss-based balm and you will ever look cute that never before.

3.   Undefined or shapeless 

In terms of description, shapeless lips have no shape or a defined outline. You desperately need to find out that type of lip so as to pick on the one that will come out beautifully and kissable. You may also combine lip liner and a lip pencil of your perfect outlining and colour.

Here are personalities with shapeless type of lips.

4.  Wide-shaped 

Anne Hathaway, well look at their lips and you will know what wide lips exactly are. These are the lips that are wide and stretched.

People with wide type of lips are like treasure for other people whom they surround. They are quite optimistic. If you have wide lips you are there for all your friends in your circuit.

Wide lip shapes are already attractive but if you wish to make them more gorgeous draw an outline using a lip pencil just on the inner parts of your lips but leave out on the corners. You can use your favourite lip-oil based balm for functions during the daylight.

5. Uneven

It is a bit of odd if you realize you have uneven lip outlines. Shapeless lips simply means that they have lost the symmetry that is required for sexual attraction and sensual appealing.

Anyway, some lip outlines are not exactly the same especially the Cupid’s bow. Well, there is no reason for you to become a loner. Play about the tweaks like pouting during a conversation or something like that.

If that is not the better choice in terms of techniques, you need to remove the unsymmetrical of the outlines by applying a lip pencil. Always make a good choice of color to avoid unexpected or something unusually too much, clownish looks or “clumsiness” in the face

Lip types meaning 

In trying to reveal what various types of lips mean, we look at face reading as a defining point to aspects of personality.

According to face reading experts like Jane Haner, size and shape of lips can reveal the part of yourself in a relationship, for instance. She goes on to uncover something on mouth size where she brings the following to the surface.

  • People with average-sized mouths without lip exaggerations enjoy closeness in a relationship
  • Such people are susceptible to causing drama in their relationships


Fuller or thick lips can be significant though may prove controversial at some points especially in a relationship.

They are people who value a relationship, show great understanding by sharing the feelings of their matches. However, drawing from Jane’s expertise in facial reading, such people with small and rounded mouths, can turn over the leaflet to reveal their other wise to their partners.

“Those men and women tend to gravitate toward the spotlight and love attention. But while the shape signals that a person might be the life of the party, it can also indicate a penchant for finding drama.” Comments Jane on fuller lip types but with plump in the middle.


People with thin types of lips can be romantic although sometimes not giving their best hence end up feeling uncomfortable in their relationships.

Cupid’s bow

While some people have a defined Cupid bow, others lack this important lip feature. We looked at that (see undefined or shapeless lip types above).

In face reading, a defined Cupid’s bow means creativity and compassion.

Other lip types meaning including Chinese face reading

Reading your lip features with help of the Chinese belief can complement or help in identifying what type of person you are (personality). Read and take notes to compare lip type meanings and do a self-judgment.

  • Lips which are evenly full and rounded means someone is caring and sensitive
  • The lower and upper lips in equal distribution reveals a communicative personality
  • People who have narrow mouths are ruled by thought and can say anything
  • People with wide mouths are emotionally attached to others hence empathetic
  • People with protruding lips are sincere and honest
  • In Chinese face reading, people with upturned lips considered optimistic. The counterparts are less optimistic but reliable and truthful to themselves


To sum up, each one of us has a different set of lips with different shapes and color. While some have thick lips, others have thin lips with varying shapes and size. Ultimately, your type of lips may not conform to every single aspect of personality. There are many other things that influence how one learns or develops their personality.

You can work on your lip type to achieve the shape you dream of and the kind of appearance you want. With the right lip treatment techniques, turning round your less desirable lip shape or type is quite attainable.

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    Rihanna's peaked Cupid's bow lip shape
    Rihanna’s peaked Cupid’s bow lip shape




    Pop star Taylor Swift
    Pop star Taylor Swift


    No upper lip
    No upper lip


    Lip shapes chart
    Lip shapes chart


    Fairly rounded plumb lips - Copy
    Fairly rounded plumb lips – Copy


    Anne Hathaway wide lips
    Anne Hathaway wide lips


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