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Nipple Piercing Cost for Female, Male, Barbell, and Old Industrial Piercing

Nipple piercing shops are all over the major towns in American such as Las Vegas, Vancouver, and Toronto, Colorado springs, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago and California. The body piercing lists towns is endless since the practice is all over the world.

There is numerous body parts where piercing takes place such as lips, eyebrows, nose, ears, navel, septum, tongue, and Targus. However, in this article we are majoring more on nipple piercing and its cost.

Nipple Piercing Cost for Female

Female body piercing is meant to give you a unique style that might be envy by others. Since nipples are the most sensitive part of the body, it is recommended you visit a specialist who will do it right.

The following are major important factors you need to consider before going for nipple piercing shop:

How much do nipple piercing cost

Nipple piercing is known to be the most expensive body piercing, so it is important to think over about it. But in most cases it depends with the studios near you since most charges between $25-$40. If you plan to pierce both nipples there is room for negotiation and in most cases you will be told to pay first.

How old are you to get nipple piercing job

The most requirement age require to undergo nipple piercing is 18 years.  Most studios fear to break law of piercing younger age.

Is nipple piercing painful?

Pain differs from one person to another since there are some people who are known to be veteran so they can’t feel the pain but they do enjoy it. The good news is, they get over very quickly.

Will I get a hoop or bar?

This will depend on the size of your nipple on the breast such that if you have large nipples you will require bars while those with small nipples will need hoops. The choice of nipple jewelry depends on the size of the nipple generally.

Do healing nipples supposed to scab?

Just like any other piercing they do scab a little but if you are scared, you can contact your body piercer specialist for more information about scabbing.

If your breast swells and you’re experiencing pain on the INSIDE of your breast or in your armpit, then it’s advised to remove the piercing immediately and seek medical attention straight away.

The table below gives reviews of body piercing cost for women including that of nipple piercing cost.

Body Piercing Location  Description And Costs
Genital – Female $58 w/ a ring                 $68 w/ curved barbell
Nipple – Female Price per piercing  ring N/A                      $49 w/ straight barbell
Eyebrow $41 w/ a ring           $59 w/ curved barbell

Cost of Nipple Piercing for Males

Just like women, men need to look handsome too and unique. Most articles about body piercing mostly rotate around women.  The overall body piercing cost depends mostly on the type of jewelry you wish to put on.

Each person and body part is very unique and many times a different jewelry design needs to be used to ensure the success of your piercing. Meaning your anatomy or lifestyle may not be suited for a ring or perhaps a disk back labret stud would be more comfortable than a barbell, etc.

In addition, each of our body piercers has their own comfort level with which piercings heal best and with which style of body jewelry. When you come in we will educate you on what this means and how it affects you.

The table below highlights some of the body piercing cost for men including nipple piercing cost.

Body Piercing Zone Description And Cost In Dollars
Earlobe(cost per lobe) Helix: $36 w/ a ring                 $45 w/ straight barbell
Tragus Forward Helix & Conch : $41 w/ a ring           $49 w/ straight barbell
Labret Monroe & Philtrum : ring N/A                     $49 w/ disk back labret
Tongue ring N/A                      $49 w/ straight barbell
Nipple – Male(price per piercing) $41 w/ a ring                $49 w/ straight barbell
Septum $47 w/ a ring or retainer         $59 w/ circular barbell
Genital – Male   $63 w/ a ring                 $79 w/ straight barbell

Barbell nipple piercing cost

In this present world, the nipple piercing has been adapted by Western culture as one of the most daring and popular piercings available. A nipple piercing is a great option for both men and women who are looking for a body mod that they can easily disguise especially matters concerning bedroom.

However, after undergoing the piercing practice, you will be expected to put on some jewelry and this will involve shopping around for the best ones. Some of the best jewelry available for nipples includes:

  • BCR’s
  • Straight & Curved Barbells

Depending on the structure of your nipples, there are wide varieties of this jewelry ranging from understated straight barbells to decorative gem nipple shields.

An important thing to bear in mind when choosing nipple jewelry is that if it is large and decorative there is a small risk that it may be visible through clothing.

Note: most of the information here is according to the experience of a large piercing chain in America. Please note that each individual’s experiences will be subjective and therefore each person will have a different experience of pain, healing and maintenance.

How much are industrial piercings

An industrial piercing isn’t actually a single piercing. It’s two or more piercings of the ear cartilage that are connected by a single barbell. Depending on the size of your ear and the location of the opposing piercings, your piercer may place the holes for your industrial piercing slightly closer together or further apart.

Apart from piercing ears, industrial piercings also include places like nipples, nose, eyebrow, and lips. Industrial ear piercing prices vary from place to place though the cost for an industrial piercing is likely to be lower in a more rural area than it would be in a bustling city.

The reason is that property tends to cost more to rent or own in bigger cities, since shop space is in high demand, but available property is limited. The high property costs in turn drives up the prices a shop has to charge for the services it provides.

However, Body Mod Ink in Annapolis, MD, and The Studio at Painful Pleasures in Hanover, MD, charges $50 for an industrial piercing. Also, some of the branch shops in Washington Metropolitan area charges a little higher, unlike piercing in New York City which is considered to be expensive.

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