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Nipple Piercing Pain, Pus, During Period, Breastfeeding and on Male Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercing pain level differs from one person to another since some people consider it the least painful piercings while others says it is the most painful piercings ever since it is the most sensitive part of the body.

Nipple piercing is among one of the body piercing practices that has become more popular in the world and it is being done by young and old, men or women.

There are other types of piercings practice in the world today such as lip piercing, navel piercing, ear piercing and belly button piercing. However, the article focusses mainly on the nipple piercing pain and I hope the information will be usefully to you.

Nipple piercing pain and pus

A nipple piercing is a great option for both men and women who are looking for a body mod that they can easily disguise.  Sometimes nipple piercing is risky if proper aftercare is not considered.

Pus discharge of a nipple after piercing could be due to infection. An infected nipple piercing is characterized by redness, persisted irritation and inflamed breast tissue which is painful.

Nipple Piercing Pain, Pus, During Period, Breastfeeding and on Male Nipple Piercing
Nipple Piercing Pain

This nipple piercing pain that causes discharge is caused by frequently touching the piercing site. This can introduce bacteria to the delicate tissue, which increases your risk for infection.

Also, tight clothing may easily catch onto or irritate the piercing inflicting a lot of pain. Exposing your piercing to saliva or other bodily fluids may also cause infection.

Nipple piercing pain and discharge may lead to appearance of keloid, it may also cause trigger bleeding, nerve damage and even interferes with breast-feeding.

The following are ways on how to treat an infected nipple pain:

  • Clean the areas with soaps formulated for sensitive skin and avoid cleaning using hydrogen peroxide, ointments, alcohol, harsh soaps, detergents, or cleansers.
  • Improve the drainage of the infection by applying warm compress to the nipple.
  • Avoid using over the counter antibiotic creams or ointment
  • Stick to the instruction given by the piercer.

Nipple piercing pain before period

Ovulation or menstruation causes hormonal imbalances in the body of most women. These changes in hormones added an additional layer of discomfort to healing nipple piercings which make the breast to be tender and sore.

There are two main hormones known for causing this condition that is progesterone which increases the size of the milk glands and estrogen which causes the breast ducts to enlarge leading severe pain after piercing the nipple.

This circumstance is not experience by all women but only affect those women with large breast. If you’ve never encountered this problem, having your nipples pierced won’t trigger it to start.

However, if your breasts tend to be swollen and sore around your time of the month, then be forewarned that getting your nipples pierced could exacerbate your discomfort level. If you can tolerate it, just take the directed dose of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug like IBProfen before and during your menstrual cycle to reduce swelling and address any pain you experience.

If you encounter swelling during your monthly cycle or at any other time after having your nipples pierced, keep an eye on how your jewelry fits as the swelling intensifies. If at any point the ends of your jewelry begin to press into your nipples, see your piercer right away and ask him or her to insert longer barbells.

Nipple piercing pain and breastfeeding

There have been little studies made on how nipple piercing can affect breastfeeding. According to one of the research, nipple piercing pain can lead to reduce milk supply. It is thought that this is because a nipple piercing pain may reduce how well breastmilk can be removed from a breast.

When the baby sucks the nipple barbells or jewelry, it may cause a lot of pain or even chock the baby while breastfeeding.  Also, the baby’s gums tongue and/or palate may potentially be injured by the jewelry.

The risks that apply to body piercing in general also apply to nipple piercing and need to be thought about by anyone wanting to get their nipple(s) pierced (e.g. the risk of infection).

Nipple Piercing Pain after 6 Months

This period is known as healing process. However, the amount of time it takes for your nipple piercing to heal depends on your gender.

Female nipple piercings take, on average, between 6-12 months to heal completely to the point where you can remove jewelry and put it back in while in male nipple piercings take roughly 3 – 4 months to heal completely. This difference in healing periods is directly related to the anatomical structure of a female and male nipple.

In addition, during the first 4-6 weeks, the following steps to be followed to facilitate healing process:

  • Wear comfortable sports bras and loose clothing
  • Soak the piercing with salt water solution twice a day
  • Keep the piercing clean
  • Avoid swimming pools, hot tubs & saunas
  • Be careful not to catch/knock the piercing
  • Do not let anybody suck/lick the area as germs from the mouth could cause an infection

Nipple piercing pain in male

Nipple piercing practice among many men like celebrities such Tommy Lee and Lenny Kravitz are a common body modification choice that are said to have helped popularize the phenomenon.

Men’s nipples are easy to pierce, provided they are not flat or inverted, and even these conditions can be accommodated by an experienced piercer.

Piercing the nipple can increase sensation and sensitivity, and some men do get pierced for this reason. Others merely enjoy the visual appearance, or the sense of customizing their body.

Male nipple piercings take about three to six months to heal. Follow the after-care procedure recommended by your piercer.

The risks of male nipple piercings are similar to the risks of piercings elsewhere on the body, and mostly revolve around the chance of infection and nipple pain.

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