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How to Shape Your Nose Naturally and with Exercises

Are you unhappy about the shape of your nose and want to reshape it?  Having beautiful face will mean big eye, perfect lips color, long and shiny hair and a sharp nose. A sharp nose will immediately attract the attention of other people to your face. Many do spend a lot of money on the cosmetics and surgeries to attain perfect shaped nose.  This article will provide helpful information on nose exercises which will help you keep your nose in shape without surgery or makeups. We`ll also touch on cosmetics and natural nose reshaping remedies.

By Exercises

Many will want to get small and sharp or generally good shaped nose. This makes many of you undergo many surgeries without thinking about the complications that may accompany such surgeries.  If you are not happy about the shape of your nose then here are the most effective and simple ways to do nose reshape without surgery or cosmetics.

1. Shortening exercise

As a person grows old, there are many body changes that occur with bones and muscles, application of nose shortening exercise can help reduce the rate of an unwanted weakening of the nose cartilage. To shorten your nose, follow the procedure below:

How to do it

  • You will have your index finger placed on the tip of the nose and press it.
  • Then you will have to push your index finger down as you exert pressure down your nose
  • This nose exercise should be repeated many times in a day

2. Sharpening exercise

This nose exercise suits those women who are not satisfied with their nose shape. Remember if you have small and broad nose then, this could lead to some dissatisfactory in future. So this exercise can make you reshape your nose to any desired shape you may want.

How to do it

  • By using your index finger, you will press the bottom side of the nose while spreading the nostrils.
  • Next, you should breath out with a little force
  • This nose exercise is meant to prevent your nose from sagging.
  • This exercise should be repeated for about 15 times per day

3. Breathing exercise

Nose breathing exercise is not only helpful for beautiful nose shape but also for your health too. It is believed that deep inhaling and exhaling can make one feel comfortable. This exercise will also help in nose reshaping.

How to do it

  • Start by sitting straight on the ground
  • Block one of your nostrils and then inhale for 4 seconds
  • Block the other nostril and exhale within 8 seconds
  • Repeat the procedure for many times as you can

4. Massaging 

Besides reshaping and shortening your nose, this particular nose exercise will help to relieve headache pain and even sinus and migraine problems. Read on to know how to apply this exercise.

How to do it

  • Begin by massaging your nose from the tip, bridge of the nose as well as side of your nose
  • Repeat this exercise on daily basis in circular motion for about 5 minutes
  • This simple nose exercise is known to improve the facial muscle strength

5. Exercise to eliminate smile lines

To get thin nose and sharp nose, eliminating smile lines can help achieve it. You know as you get older, the smile lines around your nose gets deeper and can completely distort your face. So I hope you now get why you should clear these smile lines. Here is a simple nose exercise that will help you clear these lines without surgery.

How to Do It

  • Your mouth should be filled by air and close it
  • You should then move the hair in all direction within your mouth as you hold hair for about 5 seconds in each direction
  • Finally, you can release the air and with this exercise you will have cleared the smile lines

6. Straightening exercises

This nose straightening exercise can form the best remedy to get a smaller and sharp nose. Did you know that just a simple smile can reshape your nose? Well, if were not aware then know it today.

How to do it

  • What you need to do is simple, just smile and use your fingers to shove your nose upwards
  • This will enhance the physiques on the sides of your nose hence good nose shape
  • For the very positive outcome, repeat the exercise 20-30 times in a day

7. Wiggling exercise

This exercise will make your nose straight and smaller through building the muscles of your nose. Though this is more of building the muscles rather reshaping, it can still help to make the nose straight and sharper.

How to do it

  • You need to sit straight and wiggle your nose while your face remains still
  • Repeat the process 15 times in a day at a time

8. Narrowing or slimming exercise

If you wish to have a narrow and a good looking nose especially if you feel your nose is too spread or broad, then this is the best nose exercise for you. This wonderful nose exercises greatly work by different inner muscles and help tighten your nose as well as getting the slimmer nose.

How to do it

  • Drop your mouth and chin down
  • You can then contract your nose at this point
  • Repeat this exercise many times a day as you want

9. Squeezing exercise

This nose reshaping exercise is perfect in giving your nose a balanced shape.

How to do it

  • Place your index finger or thumb on each side of upper bridge of the nose
  • Then apply little pressure for 10 seconds and then release
  • The exercise should be done at least 20 times in a day

10. Lift Exercise

This is another nose reshaping exercise that usually help to stretch facial muscles as well as lifting your nose giving it very beautiful nose shape.

How to do it

  • Make “O” formation with your mouth while your eyes are closed
  • Look at the ceiling and slightly bend your head and lift the chest.
  • Repeat the exercise as many times as you can
  • It will help stretch facial muscles and lifting up the nose

Using makeup

Besides the above 10 nose reshaping exercises, there are some makeups that could also be applied alongside natural nose exercise to make your nose sharper and have beautiful shape .Application of highlighting and contouring  makeups can also be another wonderful way to refine your nose to good nose shape. To attain effective result, you will need to get the correct make ups. This can either be cream-based or powder make-up. Many people prefer powder makeups to cream-based make-up. According to Beautyticket.com, “For the shadow, you should choose a color that 2 or 3 shades dimmer than your natural complexion, whereas for the highlighter, choose a color that’s 2 or 3 shades lighter than your natural complexion.”

1.      Shadow to scalp back wide nose

You need to use angled, clean brush to draw a shadow from the corner of your eye`s inner corners down to tip. Then use a blending brush to balance the shadow upwards to highlight. Then apply the shadow to the sides of the nose to scale back wide or broader nostrils

2.      Shortening by applying shadow below nose tip

This exercise is achieved by drawing the shadow any side of your nose. You can then extend the shadow below the tip of our nose. Make sure you balance the bottom shadow upwards to the top of the nose. This can help you lift up your nose and make it smaller and beautiful

3.      Blush

Making nose smaller and sharper does not mean you use massive makeup on your nose. You can use other facial features to get best nose shape. You can add a little shimmer blush on the cheeks to make your nose shorter. This will draw the attention of your cheek rather than your nose.

How to do it naturally 

Apart from the above 10 nose exercise and make-ups, another way of reshaping your nose is through the use of natural remedies. In this section, we`ll shed spotlight on the two most effective and famous natural remedies.

A). Ice

Wrap your ice cube using clean cloth or towel and then put it on your nose and leave it there for 10 minutes. This cold will make your nose to appear less distended.

B). Ginger 

Application of ginger and water can also help make the nose to become slimmer or smaller. You just apply the paste on the side of the nose you want to be slimmer or smaller. Leave it to sit for about 15 minutes before washing off. Remember the mixture can induce burning sensation so you should test for the sensitivity of your nose skin before applying this paste.

Important Note

You should always be keen with which nose exercise you wish to apply. Remember if you choose the wrong procedure or apply the right procedure wrongly, then you will end up with a nose shaped you never imagined-distorted nose shape.

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