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Nose Sores Causes on Outside and Inside Nose – Piercing, Cold, Lupus, Pictures and Treatments

Do you have nose sores? Get insight about all you need to know about these sores, including what causes such as piercing, cold and how you can get rid of them. We also have something on nose sores outside and inside your nose.

Nose sores are quite common and due to their location, they are relatively uncomfortable and cause a lot of pain.

Sores on nose
Sores on nose

It is important to note that its treatment isn’t complicated, except in rare situations when these sores could be signs of something sinister.

But there is no need for concern because such cases are rare and this article provides useful information about their treatment.

What causes nose sores

Nose sores causes include:

Bacterial infection

The bacteria known as Staphylococcus are the ones to be blamed for sores in your nose.  Although our bodies are known to be the host for these bacteria, this does not mean they are the ones that cause the outbreak of sores but unless you pick your nose, or insert objects there.

Staphylococcal bacteria causes sores in your nostrils, since the bacteria are always there, waiting for a chance to act. If you have a compromised immune system, you’ll endure more attacks. This means you’ll have more cold sores.

One of the common examples of nose sores is Impetigo which mostly happens in toddlers or children. It is very contagious and is sometimes called school sores.


It is usually considered to occur as a result of an autoimmune disorder that is known to affect any part of the body. It may cause mouth sores and hair loss. If you happen to have lupus then you are susceptible to lupus nose sores.

Excess dry nose

Appearances of sores on nose may be due to dry weather, or you’re in an air conditioned building that has low humidity, since the tissue is dried out.

Hard nose blowing

If you are used to blow your nose too hard, it may break the delicate skin tissue resulting to a wound or lesion inside which may later developed into sores.


If you happen to use oxygen for a longer period of time, you susceptible to get nose sores since it cause your nose tissues to dry out.


Individuals who are extremely sensitive to some agents found in nasal sprays, pollens and aerosol sprays, these can cause nose ulcers.


These are known as small swellings inside your nasal passages and they are somehow painful. It is usually common to people with sinusitis.  Polyps often cause pain in the nostrils like sores can.


A herpes simplex virus may cause infection and sores around your nose and mouth. They may be seen in clusters, or as single sores. They can be quite painful.

Nose sore pictures

Apart from cold sores appearing on nose, they can also occur on mouth lips and even on face. These pictures will help you know how sores look like on nose.  I hope they help you seek for proper medication.

Sores below nose on mouth
Sores below nose on mouth
Sores inside nose
Sores inside nose

Sore nose piercing

Nose piercing is beauty but unfortunately, if it is not done by a professional or proper care if done at home then you might be susceptible to nose piercing infection some of which may result to sore nose.

Nose sore is among the signs and symptoms of an infected nose piercing. Other signs and symptoms may include; formation of a bump, prolong healing process, painful to touch and your nose may become swollen even.

Therefore, maintain proper hygiene after nose piercing, use sterilized tools for nose piercing and also avoid using wrong skin products especially on your face since it may result to allergic reaction.

Nose sore outside

This could be due to cold sores that are characterized by being itchy and painful. Cold itself isn’t the cause but it could be due to:

  • Herpes simplex virus type 1
  • Canker sores
  • Oral sex infection

Read detail information from Cold Sores

Painful nose sores inside

These could be due to:

Nasal Growths

They also known as nasal polyps. Most nasal polyps do not cause pain but as the growth increases in size, pain may arise. The most common symptoms are a runny or stuffy nose and alterations in the sense of smell.

Inflammation of the Nose

Wegener’s granulomatosis and lethal midline granuloma are known conditions that can lead to the formation of inflammatory tissue and also they can occur anywhere in the body.

Lethal midline granuloma is not a life-threatening condition despite its name. It is a rare condition where there is destruction of the nose and respiratory passages.

Infection of the Nose

This is a common cold caused by viral infections. They tend to cause burning and soreness rather than pain.

A bacterial infection of the nose and sinuses, particularly of the ethmoid sinuses, is more likely to cause nasal pain especially when it is severe.

Foreign Body in the Nose

This refers to those common objects inserted in the nose such as marbles, pencil erasers, small beads and other tiny objects that fit in the nose. This is seen common in children.

Swelling of the delicate inner lining of the nose causes the object to become firmly stuck in the nose. The pain may initially be inside the nose but as time passes, the outside of the nose also becomes painful and tender to touch.

Broken nose due to injury

It is very painful and often there is swelling with/without bleeding of the nose. Nasal fractures often occur with trauma to the face, as may occur during sporting injuries, severe falls or as a result of being assaulted.

Nose sores from cold

Cold and flu are both common causes of cold sores in the nose as they dry weather when people are more likely to develop colds and flu-like symptoms. Dry weather will affect the inner lining of the nasal passage making it more susceptible to infection.

Also, being exposed to someone with the herpes simplex virus may also cause cold sores to develop in the nose, as are those with compromised immune systems.

Note: A woman experiencing menstruation may find these cold sores to become more aggravated.

Nose sore and lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can take years to diagnose because the symptoms can masquerade as other illnesses such as nose sores.

Lupus is characterized by the following:

  • Butterfly rash
  • Sunlight-triggered rash
  • Mouth or nasal sores
  • Joint swelling
  • Seizures or psychosis


Nose sores treatment

Before seeking any medication on sore nose, you need to know what causes them. Some sores will heal on their own, while others might persist. See medical doctor if you have nose sores that recur often.

If you have herpes-related nose sores, your physician will usually prescribe a topical antibiotic cream. These will usually help the sores heal within a short amount of time.

Note: keep off from tempering with the sores even If they look like zits. If the sores get too painful, begin bleeding or don’t clear up within several days, see your physician.

Suggested tips on handling nose sores:

  1. Do not pick the nose too frequently, as this might transfer harmful bacteria from your skin to the nose lining, which may end up in nasal boils, ulcer, and infection.
  2. Keep your nasal passage hydrated by drinking sufficient amount of water every day.
  3. Avoid using nasal sprays, especially if you are prone to allergies, as the contained substances in nasal sprays can possibly trigger allergies.
  4. Limit consuming foods which contain high cholesterol level, as this may cause sore throat, which may end up in nasal sore.
  5. Avoid picking scabs which are formed in nose lining. This might cause bleeding and make the healing process a lot slower. Instead, apply petroleum jelly to the scab in order to make it smoother and moist, so that you will not tempt to scratch nor pick it.
  6. Avoid wiping the nose lining with dry tissues to prevent over drying. If you have the flu, squirt the mucus and gently clean the nostrils using damp tissues. Frequent wiping using dry tissues will cause the nose passage to dry out and may result in scabs and soreness.
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