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Itchy Nose Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and Remedies

Why is my nose itching? What can I do to stop or to hasten the relief of my nose Itching? If you do not know the cause of your itchy nose, sit relax and go through this work as we will give you a deeper insight on the itchy nose meaning, causes, symptoms, remedies and how it can be treated.

What makes your nose to itch
What makes your nose to itch

Nose itching is a very bothersome conditions that has many causes. It has no discrimination over gender, age or race, it can affect anybody, anywhere. It is important is therefore to know the causative factors and learn how deal with them as soon as they are detected.

Dealing with an itchy nose may require medical professionals to provide the best guidance and service where applicable or you can handle the problem with simple at home remedies or OTC solutions.

What is the meaning of itchy nose and itchy nose superstitions

An itchy nose can have diverse meaning depending on certain groups of people or societies. There are various superstitions and myths that will be used to explain this happening. But as their name suggests, wherever the case, they will remain superstitions and myths which holds no water.

From a medical viewpoint, itchy nose normally develop when your nose is inflamed after it has been exposed to certain irritants, infections or as a result of dryness due to harsh environmental conditions. So in this context, your itchy nose will therefore require attention to get rid of the causative agents. Let us now look at the causes of an itchy nose.

Causes of itchy nose

There are a number of factors that trigger an itchy nose. They can range from common cold to other illness and conditions. So what are these causes of an itchy nose?

1. Allergic reactions

According to byebyedoctor.com, allergic reaction is the most common cause for itchy nose. This can be due to common cold or weak stage of asthma or some other allergens. In case allergic reactions, establish what triggers allergy and put in place measures to prevent such allergies so as to impede the itchy nose.

Itchy nose in children - Seasonal Allergies
Itchy nose in children – Seasonal Allergies

2. Presence of foreign body in the nose

This normally occurs in children under the age of 5. These foreign object may comprise of pebbles, tissue, pieces of eraser, clay used for art and craft, food particles, dirt, small toys etc., and they can cause irritation in your child`s nose.

The objects may enter your child`s nose when he/she is sleeping, playing with other children or when he or she tends to sniff or smell some objects. The objects usually trigger nasal drainage and breathing difficulties.

The only treatment for foreign objects in the nose, is nothing but to remove them using healthy and safe procedures. A health care practitioner will be the best shot to safely having the objects removed.

3. Rhinitis

This simply means the inflammation of the nose. According to Healthline.com, “rhinitis is inflammation in the nasal cavity lining,” [heathline.com]. It has got several causes but the most common causes are cold and hay fever.

Major symptoms of rhinitis include sneezing, a blocked or congested nose, runny and an itchy nose. Other symptoms include an itchy throat, facial pain, loss of smell, headache, itchy, watery and red eyes. Rhinitis can be allergic or non-allergic and it always affect both nostrils

4. Chlorine poisoning

This can occur when a person swallow or inhale chlorine including water treated with chlorine. This can trigger respiratory, skin, digestive and circulatory complications. Nose itching is also possible.

5. Harsh weather or environmental conditions

Exposure to extreme environmental conditions or harsh weather can predispose a person to develop an irritated and itchy nose. Environmental conditions that limit the humidity may lead to the nose dryness and hence development of itchiness.

6. Medical conditions

Serious medical conditions e.g. liver failure, hyperthyroidism, respiratory tract infection and chronic kidney failure also cause an itchy nose.

7. Constant nose blowing

The mucus membrane plays an important role in keeping the lining of nasal passage moist but in cases where some people constantly blow their nose, the inside of the nose may be itchier following the loss of the mucus and dryness.

8. Other causes

Apart from itchy nose causes mentioned above, we also have got others factors or conditions that would aid or trigger an itchy nose. These factors or conditions include Inhaling irritants present in air, bacterial Infections, eating spicy food, mosquito bite, herpes infection, fungal infections and Herpes zoster infections.

Symptoms of Itchy nose

Common symptoms that your nose would experience  include intermitted or persistent itching alongside common cold and you can also as well develop a sore throat and watery eyes. Depending on the cause, some people may end up with itchy ears too.

Itchy nose signs and symptoms
Itchy nose signs and symptoms

Again, for some individuals, this may lead to itchy eyes and stuffy nose. In rigorous cases where psoriasis is involved, one may develop some rashes and redness of the nose and skin.

Finally, it is worthwhile noting that nose itching can occur inside or outside the nose and even both. Here are some common occurrences of nose itching.

Itchy Inside Nose

When you experience itchy nose inside, you should know that, that could be an indication of nasal inflammation especially induced by infections. Actually it can be due to viral infection such as common cold. This will begin with an itchy sensation in your nose and elevated drainage in your nose before it could develop to its severity where cold will be complemented with nasal congestion, coughing, headache and other symptoms.

Itchy nose inside can also be due to exposure to some allergens such as pollen, chemical fumes, molds among others.  Finally, it can as well be induced as result of drying effect on the nasal skin or passages as well as other factors we have already mentioned.

Itchy nose outside

Itchy nose outside is when the skin on the nose outside experience irritation or itching mainly after coming into contact with the itching inducing agents. This condition can also be due to sunburn or sunspot on the skin outside the nose.

It`s good to understand that this condition has got other several causes including infections, exposure to allergens and existing skin conditions. Before trying any medication, always ensure you know what causes nose itchiness on the outside part.

Itchy Runny Nose

This is a usual indication of rhinitis. It refers to a situation where nose inflammation is accompanied by running nose, sneezing and itchy nose. This phenomenon is usually due to common cold. Reduced temperatures and exposure to allergens are common inducers of an itchy runny nose too.

If it is extreme, it can be considered as a medical emergency and you should therefore see your doctor immediately.

Dry itchy nose

This is a condition commonly experienced when one is expose to harsh environmental conditions that relegate the moisture content of your skin. This is normally known to be happening during winter when the humidity level goes down. Use of furnaces and other heating element can also make the surrounding air to have low humidity leading to dry itchy nose.

Again, dry itchy nose can be due to skin ailments and exposure to harsh cosmetics and cleansing agents. Ideal solution for such cases is to restore skin moisture using topical creams and moisturizing lotions.

Itchy nose remedies and treatments

Are you having an itchy nose and troubled how you can get yourself off the affliction?  Below are the most effective remedies and treatments that are most suitable for any nose itching:

How to relief Itchy Nose
How to relief Itchy Nose

1. Use of Antihistamine

In the case of a simple allergy, itchy nose can be treated using over the counter antihistamines. This would be a good start over for your problem. Antihistamines are potent enough to hinder the allergic reaction therefore offering defense towards the itching condition.

It is good to note that in case of allergic reactions, the one affected, he/she should find out the contributory factor of the allergic reactions and avoid them.

2. Use of Neti  pot

Another ideal way to deal with nose itching is the use of the Neti pot. Neti pot is used to rinse the nose. During its use, one should insert the device into one of the nostrils and then inhale some water into the nostril. This will wash away dust particles that could trigger itching.

Factually, neti pot is effective for healing itching triggered by dust allergy or pollution. Repeat the process severally until one achieves desired result or as soon as the all the dust present in the nose are washed away. Always use clean water in the pot for your nose rinsing.

3. Treating itchy nose using lotion/cream

Treating itchy nose can also involve the use of lotions or creams especially for itchy nose triggered by dryness. We must note that, in extreme climatic conditions, some individuals may develop dryness in the nose that can trigger itching.

Lotions and creams  will therefore be suitable for enhancing nose hydration. Furthermore some lotions containing vitamin E and aloe vera will promote healthy skin and aid irritation soothing respectively.

It is also equally important to understand that drinking lot of water  will help keep your nasal lining moist and well hydrated.

4. Elimination of allergen and Irritants

To ensure you achieve long-term relief, you should make sure that causative allergens and irritants are identified and removed from your environment. It is advisable to get rid things like dander, dust, food that you`re allergic to and irritant chemicals from the air, by doing so, for sure you will reduce your nasal itching occurrences.

5. Use of humidifier

It is important to know that, the moment you increase the humidity in your environment, your nose itch will come down. You will be therefore required to have a regular humidifier to increase the amount of moisture in your home, house or office.

In addition, you can also use steamy shower to humidify the air in case you can`t afford a humidifier.

6. Use of nasal spray with saline

Over the counter nasal saline spray is a natural remedy for dry nasal passage that triggers itching. This will be a very suitable kind of medication especially when the itching is due to nose congestion when you have a cold. Since nasal saline spray consist of salt and water, it cleanse and moisture the nasal passages hence enhancing the relief of nose itching.

Caution on itching nose

In case of an itching nose, here are some important things to adhere to:

  • You should avoid scratching your nose since this can lead to cracking of your skin and even infections. You can instead pat the itching nose skin to attain a bit relief.
  • You must also understand that certain medical conditions such as thyroid disorders may affect activities in sweat glands leading to dehydration or rough dry skin. So you should visit you medical service provider as soon as you discover such conditions.
  • Whenever you use some of the home remedies or over the counter products and your situation does not get better, please immediately arrange an appointment with doctor.

Itchy nose prevention

Is nose itching avoidable? What can I do to prevent my nose from itching? To prevent itchy nose, you can avoid allergy causing environment and other factors that which we have already seen. For instance, you can also opt to stay away from some pets that can lead to allergy

Furthermore, you should maintain your nose well covered in case you are going walk or be in dusty wind or polluted atmosphere.

Always consider using moist mop while cleaning the house to prevent dust particles from getting into your nose.

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