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Oily Nose Meaning, Causes, with Blackheads, Infection, Itchy, and Remedies

The skin all over produces normal oils that protect it, yet imagine a scenario in which your nose creates excessive oil and you need to stop it.

Oily skin may bring about skin inflammation and make you feel reluctant; however fortunately there are some basic approaches to look after your skin that can help put a stop to an oily nose.

Get more insight from the information provided by the article and I hope it will be helpful to you.

Oily nose meaning

Oily nose and whiteheads
Oily nose and whiteheads

Oily nose skin occurs when your sebaceous glands tend to produce excessive oil that makes your skin to appear shiny an hour after you wash your face or apply powder.

It also tends to have large pores, often with blackheads and whiteheads and even pimples and deep cysts, although it can simply feel greasy with no signs of acne.

Oily nose causes – why is my nose so oily

Oily nose causes
Oily nose causes

An oily nose is not a result of cleanliness; it is a result of nature. Therefore, the following are the causes of an oily nose skin:

Hereditary qualities

Greasy nose may be related to genetics. If father or mother in the family has oily nose it’s likely that the children too will be having same problem.


According to Acne Resource Center, hands touch the face both purposely and accidentally throughout the day. While you may clean your hands on a regular basis, they are not always sterilized and oil-free. For instance, touching your hair and then touching your nose transfers the oil from your hair to your nose.

Ecological elements such environmental factors

Hot and humid season can increase oil production on nose. At the same time, in winter months, the skin becomes dry and excess oil is produced to compensate its reduction.


Oil production is caused by sex hormones known as androgens. Androgens cause the sebaceous glands to grow and become more active, which in turn produces more oil. During puberty, the body produces more oil, especially on the nose.


If you are under stress, the body begins to secrete more androgens. This may lead to more oily and greasy nose.

Sun presentation

Excessive exposure to sun triggers increased production of oil in the oil glands in order to protect the skin from bad effects of sun rays. If you go out in sun frequently or sunbathe frequently your nasal skin may become sticky and oily.

Sebaceous Glands

The skin on the nose contains oils glands, which emit sebum. According to SkinCareRx, the oil glands are larger and more active on the nose, leading them to produce more oil. This is because the oil glands protect the face from the sun and other environmental hazards. They also provide lubrication and exfoliation.

Oily nose and large pores

Oily nose and large pores
Oily nose and large pores

There are three noteworthy causative elements for huge nose pores, to be specific, oily skin, maturing, and sex as per The British Journal of dermatology.

Oily skinned people overproduce sebum; the oily substance that keeps the skin hydrated which frequently blend with earth and attachment the hair follicles, therefore making the skin pores to seem bigger.

Also as we age, the skin has a tendency to lose it capacity to create collagen and consequently lose its flexibility. This combined with aggregated sun harm through the span of numerous years frequently makes the pores to look greater.

Concerning sex, male has a tendency to have greater pores than females and ladies have a tendency to grow expansive pores on nose amid feminine cycle because of the hormonal changes related with it.

Hereditary qualities additionally have a part to play in the measure of pores; a few people have hereditarily decided greater pores. On the off chance that either of your folks have enormous pores, you should at last experience a similar concern.

Oily nose and nose blackheads

Pimples constitute of sebum that is caught in skin pores and are regularly connected with development of nose pores. At the point when the actually yellowish sebum gets presented to air, it oxidizes and ends up plainly dark in shading.

The dark module the clogged pores can make your pores seem expansive. While cleaning the nose to dispose of overabundance sebum can lessen the arrangement of clogged pores and diminish the span of pores, inordinate cleaning is counterproductive as it energizes expanded creation of sebum.

Getting rid of oily nose and blackheads
Getting rid of oily nose and blackheads

Oily nose and nose infection

An infected pore is predominant on the entire face. The nose is a standout amongst the most unmistakable site where you can discover contaminated pores. This is on the grounds that it has a tendency to have vast sebaceous organs, subsequently huge pores.

On the off chance that a specific pore is left unwashed for quite a while, bacterial disease happens bringing on a contaminated skin pore on nose.


You can prevent clogging the nose pores by utilizing cosmetics preliminaries before utilization of establishment. These are sans oil and piece the establishment and other cosmetics from entering profound into the huge pores on nose.

You will frequently locate a young person with an infected nose pore as a result of the hormonal changes that occur in puberty. Individuals who get skin break out breakouts additionally have a tendency to have sleek T-zones. Accordingly, a pore that drains or is contaminated is not uncommon on a man with skin inflammation inclined skin.

Oily itchy nose

As per the American Academy of Family Physicians, some basic allergens that can bring about a bothersome nose are dust, form, animal dander and tidy.

Airborne allergens are destined to bring about an irritated nose since these allergens are straightforwardly breathed in through the nostrils. The body’s safe framework distinguishes allergens as remote bodies and starts discharging histamines to battle off the risky jolts.

An itchy nose is only one symptom of allergies and the common cold. Allergies and a cold may also cause itchy eyes, itchy throat and a runny or stuffy nose. In some cases, hives, rashes, itchiness and redness may develop on the skin.

Oily nose home remedies

To help you control and deal with an oily nose, here are a couple of straightforward home solutions for them, which are moderate and simple to take after.

Wash your nose

Wash your nose with water frequently throughout the day. It keeps the skin moist and at the same time it cleans the accumulated dirt and grease.

Honey and orange peel

Prepare a mixture of one teaspoon of honey and ground dried orange peel. Apply it on the nasal surface. Keep it for a while before cleaning it with a clean cloth. Wash your nose with water afterwards. Applying it two times in a week will encourage removing dirt and excess of oil on the nose.


Vinegar is effective in cleaning the nose. Dilute apple cider vinegar in water. Soak a cotton ball in the liquid and rub it over the nasal surface. Let it remain for 10 minutes. Wash your nose with cool water. Vinegar helps to remove excess of oil on the nose and also prevents dirt to gather on the surface of nose.

Lemon juice

If you do not find anything, clean the nasal surface with lemon juice. In fact any citrus fruit will help to remove the greasy sebum from the skin.


Cornstarch is useful to absorb oil from nasal skin. Prepare a thick paste of cornstarch by adding water. Apply the paste on your nose. Let it remain till the paste becomes dry. Rinse your nasal surface with warm water. Use it at least three times in a week.

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