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Orange Tongue Causes, Symptoms, in Toddlers, with Sore Throat and Cures

Why do I have orange tongue? Get insight on causes, symptoms and cure of orange colored tongue including one with sore throat. You will also learn something on infants or baby orange tongue and the link between HIV, STDS, acid reflux or cancer in relation to orange tongue

Orange tongue picture
Orange tongue picture

Orange tongue flooring refers to the situation where one finds out that the tongue has been coated with orange color or have any of the shades of orange color including yellowish orange, brownish orange, etc.

This orange color is common at night while sleeping or when you wake up in the morning, especially, to those experiencing heartburns or constipation.

Orange tongue causes – why is my tongue orange

Let us begin our discussion by looking at some of the possible reasons for one to have an orange colored tongue. So, what causes orange tongue?

Overgrowth of yeast

Overgrowth of yeast on the tongue can make someone to have bad breath or sometimes experience burning sensation that is itchy. This overgrowth of bacteria makes the tongue to appear orange but there is no need to raise concern since eating yoghurt containing live culture daily for a week should bring down the growth.

Stomach acid or indigestion

This is the main cause of decolorized tongue since Chronic GERD and reflux can cause acid from the gut to return into the oral cavity by the tongue. You will notice the orange color at the back of your tongue.

Side effect of some medicine

Antibiotics can cause an imbalance in this natural flora and cause orange tongue. Also, most medications like pyridium used to treat urinary pain can cause saliva and the tongue to become orange-tinged.

Exposure to mold environment

Exposure to airborne pollutants or toxins and mold can facilitate discoloration of your tongue both at home or place of work. Even though it is not too threatening to your life, you should treat this by taking an anti-fungal medication or gargling grapefruit seed oil.

Food debris

The coating of excess debris on the tongue from orange colored foods or drinks can cause the tongue to turn to orange. The coating can be cleaned by brushing the tongue or using a tongue scrapper. This will also make the breath fresher.

Orange tongue symptoms

It is very simple to notice symptoms that often accompany an orange tongue apart from orange discoloration. These symptoms include:

  • Dry tongue
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Bad breath.
  • Burning sensation resulting to itching
  • Tough tongue

Orange tongue and sore throat

A person with strep throat can suddenly develops a painful sore throat one to five days after being exposed to the streptococcus bacteria and once these bacteria are accumulated in the mouth, it makes the tongue to be coated with orange color, especially on the back of tongue.

Other possible causes of orange tongue and sore throat include:

  • Yeast or bacterial infection
  • Mold or toxin substances
  • Acid reflux disease
  • oral thrush
  • allergies

Orange tongue toddler or baby or infant

Does your baby have orange, yellow, or white tongue? These could be due oral thrush growth and it is not something to worry about since this is due to poor oral hygiene. Sometimes, it could be due to hairy tongue that trap food or beverage colors hence becoming colored.

If this persist, you should consult pediatrics to seek further diagnosis. However, maintain high-level hygiene.

Any of the other causes of orange tongue can be a cause of this problem on your baby (newborn or toddlers).

Orange tongue cure, remedies and treatments

We have seen some of the common causes of orange tongue as well as symptoms. Let us not look at some cure for orange tongue.

Use of Probiotics

Probiotics should be taken regularly at least twice per day. You can find these supplements at health food stores. They are known to assist get rid of accumulated yeast from forming in your mouth and system as well as helping to aid the digestive system.

Use of herbs that have anti-fungal properties

Go for natural anti-fungal foods that can help prevent growth of yeast and other types of fungus that can inhabit the oral cavity and your tongue. Some of these foodstuffs include herbs basil, garlic, turmeric, etc. In addition, they all help to maintain the pH balance of the oral cavity and tongue.

Detox Diet

This where you are encouraged to go for fresh fruits or vegetables since they help reduce or remove toxins in your system that may be causing your tongue to be orange.

Other less common diagnosis includes:

  • Use an alcohol-free mouthwash after every meal to clean your tongue.
  • Maintain high hygiene of your mouth and tongue.
  • Limit intake of colored foods or beverages.
  • Increase your intake of fiber or roughages to help reduce orange tongue.
  • Deal with acid reflux problem

Orange tongue HIV, STDS, acid reflux, cancer and after antibiotics

Orange tongue is neither a symptom of acute HIV, STI nor cancer. However, individuals with less strong or weak immunity due to STDs or chronic illnesses such as acute HIV, oral cancer, untreated diabetes, etc. will tend often to suffer from excess accumulation of yeast, which can lead to the white, yellow or orange tongue discoloration.

Acid reflux disease can cause heartburn that lead to discomfort that may move from your stomach to your abdomen or chest, or even up into your mouth to let acidic content on the tongue leading to discoloration.

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