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Infected Tongue Web Piercing, Painful, Causes, Aftercare, Healing Process, Treatments and Cures

such that it perforates this thin tissue. The tongue web piercing is not noticeable unless you lift your tongue. An uncommon style of oral piercing, you can try it provided your frenulum is prominent enough

Tongue Web Piercing infection - bumps
Tongue Web Piercing infection – bumps

How to go about tongue web piercing

It usually considered being the easiest piercing but it is advisable to go for a specialist to avoid some complications.

Before going ahead with the piercing, you would be given an antibacterial mouthwash for rinsing your mouth. A light, hollow needle is then pushed through the frenulum. A curved or straight jewelry is inserted into the pierced spot after the completion of the procedure.

Is tongue web piercing painful?

Yes, piercing one of the soft and delicate tissues is always painful. Not many are comfortable with the jewelry sticking out from the tongue web. Do not worry if the pierced area swells or becomes tender as it happens with any piercing.

Tongue Web Piercing infection causes

What are some of the common causes of tongue web piercing? These infections are caused by:

  1. Poor oral hygiene
  2. Injuries or trauma
  3. Improper aftercare instructions
  4. Use of unqualified piercer.

To get details of each of these causes, take a keen look at some of the causes of tongue infection discussed in this article Tongue Piercing Infection Pictures, Treatment & How to Tell at healcure.org

Aftercare tongue web piercing

Perhaps a good way to avoid infections in this piercings is giving a good aftercare. Some of the very valuable after tongue web piercing tips that will minimize the chances of this infection include the following:

  • Rinse with a salt-water solution in your mouth or use an alcohol-free mouthwash.
  • Rinse your mouth out after every meal and before you go to bed for at least thirty seconds.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before you touch your jewelry for any reason.
  • Try to avoid stress and try to get good restful sleep.
  • Take soft foods such as ice cream, mashed potatoes, protein shakes, etc. until you have healed.

Tongue Web Piercing Healing process

Healing process varies from one person to another but most takes between 8 and 10 weeks. Some people however heal in as low as 2 weeks. You can expect slight bleeding, swelling, and tenderness during the first few days of the healing phase.

It is important to exercise proper oral hygiene and aftercare measures as well as keep low-risk behavior to minimize infection on the pierced region.

Treatments and cures of tongue web piercing infection

To help deal with this problem, there are some home remedies and treatments, which have proven effective. Some of these treatments include:

  • Use of antibiotics both oral and mouthwashes if the infection is due to bacteria
  • Trying various home remedies such as rinsing your mouth with saline solution
  • See a specialized treatment in case the above do not yield desired results

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